Musings on Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings, esp. early ones; that’s the usual time to be in deep deep sleep, no concerns in the mind – just dreams, relaxing, not-to-be-disturbed with anything including time, sleep. That could be your Sunday morning, not mine.

My sleep turns into slumber, late morning wake up into early morning, and a sleepy mind gives way to musings. And at the centre of this all is my urge to gather my thoughts coherently, grab the laptop and put these down lucidly and share with all unabashedly.

It’s different than others, or so I think

When I talk to my near and dear ones they all, almost, wake up late on Sunday mornings or at their usual times, definitely not before. In fact Sundays are the days when no one would want to wake up at all or get out of bed, everyone wants to just keep sleeping and relaxing, and their minds and brains agree too. Not me and mine. I could be the only one getting up 1 hour earlier than the usual wake up time and if 6am feels like early morning than I do get up quite early.

Thoughts are not just random, or are they?

And my brain is so active and mind so relaxed that my sleep goes for a toss and I am awake and eager to gather my thoughts, think with an absolutely free mind – a mind that is thinking with no given directions, no goals to accomplish, no pressure – it could be the subconscious taking control . It surely feels like that bird floating in air in a storm, not using its wings to fly but only to steady itself and letting the wind take him around. No one knows whether that bird is doing it deliberately and/or feeling happy and great but I believe my mind is just being itself, pure and perfect – if that makes any sense.

And why only Sundays, I mean Saturday is my day off too

Then there is a little more to it. If this was just because Sunday is a day off, then why not Saturday. In fact in the past I have been deliberately getting up quite early on Saturdays irrespective of the time I would go to sleep the night before and that usually used to be really late. And they say mind is a creature of habit. Ironically now on Sundays its my mind that takes control and gets me up early.

I guess Saturday becomes the day when the mind unwinds, when the tiredness of the week gone by starts to wear off. Though it’s on Saturdays when there’s a lot to do too, house chores. The day isn’t really spent in doing ‘nothing’, it’s usually the opposite of it. But its effect on Sunday mornings is different.

And I enjoy it too, weird

The best part though is, I enjoy it, I like it, yes, just love it. Sunday morning is the only morning when I don’t wake myself up, it’s my mind that takes care of that – not making sense, right. I mean how you make that differentiation. And while on rest of the mornings I turn off my alarm and then think let me sleep for 2 more minutes, on Sundays, I am awake and lively immediately and earlier than my usual time, my mind is feeling free and I am raring to go. And I wonder, why, and my mind thinks musings, why not!