Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, one of its kind…

Martin Scorsese is a legend, a master of his art, a creator of some of the most extraordinary movies ever. He has always done extreme justice to his proclivity (I think so) to make movies with violence as the core and a few others at times. Sometimes he uses into-your-face kind of violence as in Gangs of New York and at times he focuses on the portraying the violence streak in protagonists like in Taxi Driver with only a few scenes actually showcasing violence.

This time he must have thought, ‘let me do something even more different’. His thoughts have manifested in the form of Shutter Island. A movie which again has violence in it but instead of showing it on the screen he lets his characters narrate the violence. Except for one or two scenes, there is no violence per se. There are post-violence scenes, if these can be called so; dead bodies, blood oozing out, mutilated faces, scars and bruises, and the like.

Scorsese has once again brought forth the fact that no one can match him in his kind of cinema. For a fan of Scorsese like me, it’s always a treat to watch any of his movies. And with the kind of “psychological” thriller he has made with Shutter Island, my deep interest in his movies has definitely gone up.

As for Shutter Island, it is a movie which is like as well as unlike his earlier movies in very distinct ways. His protégée Leonardo de Caprio (I am sure he won’t mind being called that) has once again done a great job.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, do watch it out. Just to disclose something about it, the way it seems to end points to one aspect but the way it actually ends takes you to exactly the opposite.

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