‘We did it for Sachin’ – When India won ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

“We did it for Sachin”, said Yuvraj. “Sachin has carried the burden of a nation for 21 years, it is time we carried him on our shoulders”, said Virat Kohli.

And, “ Disappointed but the better side won ”, said Sangakara.

May be just a few opinions of the players who lived the most memorable moment of their lives on 2nd April, 2011, but these did sum up the emotions of an entire nation and beyond, these could not have been more profound.

It is a day that people who love Indian cricket dearly and who were close to being indifferent to the most happening event for a long long time will never forget; not today, not tomorrow and not forever; it is a day to be cherished forever and ever.

India has won and won the ICC Cricket World Cup hands down-lets rejoice in the moment- it eventually is Team India’s gift to Sachin Tendulkar.

Not to be missed, Yuvraj Singh won the Man of the Tournament and he says it was for all, his teammates, his family, his gurus, and Sachin; not necessarily in this order.

The winner Indian team’s skipper M S Dhoni said it all when he said, “This was the goal we wanted to achieve and everyone gave his best”.