Why does Hollywood show them speaking in Hindi?

I have watched some Hollywood movies with a kind of disturbing trend. Have you seen Iron ManSyriana and Traitor, just to name a few? Beyond they all being Hollywood movies, there is one more thing common in them. The villains in these movies have a common thread running through them, they all speak Hindi, the language spoken mostly in the northern parts of India and to some extent the whole Indian subcontinent.

Now, in case of Syriana still you can allow the use of Hindi especially with a special touch and style. But how come the villains in Traitor and Iron Man speak in Hindi?

Achcha chalo, considering one of the important characters in Traitor is played by an Indian actor let’s give this movie also some space in using Hindi.

Even then why Iron Man. Hmm…..There I can’t think of any reason for using Hindi.

Or to be honest I can’t see any logic behind using Hindi in any of these Hollywood movies and a few more too. This does defy the logic for me and I think they should do their research well before they go ahead and play the way they want to.