Jaipur – the Pink City, Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Choki Dhani and lots…

Amer Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, the Pink City, Choki Dhani – Jaipur has been attracting tourists from every corner of the world and it deserves the credit for living up to the hype and for being the fabuluos place it is. Forts, handicrafts, snake charmers, even the cycle rickshaws have a tinge of royalty attached and they all know how to treat their tourists. And in spite of being on the radar of countless tourists, it still manages to maintain its position as a place which you leave with happy and long lasting memories.

Amer Fort is matchless

The biggest highlight of Jaipur, in my view, would be the Amer Fort. I have seen a few palaces and quite a few in Rajasthan itself but Amer Fort stands out. It is huge, very beautiful and looked complete. If you want you get the elephant ride, else you can walk up. This place leaves a lasting impression and an urge to come back again.

Jal Mahal can disappoint you

Jal Mahal on the other hand was a big disappointment and that was not because of what it is but due to the garbage lying all around.
It can at best be a stop over for 15 minutes and you’ll be done with it. Maybe they clean it from time to time, but when we went it was like a trash can.

Hawa Mahal and Bapu Bazar

Hawa Mahal, which is in the old Jaipur, or the Pink City, is one-of-its-kind place. It doesn’t really offer you much per se, however, going to the top floor (not the actual top floor, you are not allowed there) and looking around has a charm of its own. And when you look around you see Jantar Mantar, the Pink City and a nice view of the forts all around.

Right next to the Hawa Mahal is the Bapu Bazar and this is one place that pulls you to buy all kinds of handicrafts and a lot of other stuff. If you visit Jaipur, Bapu Bazar should be on your list.

Choki Dhani is good too

Jaipur is known for many things and Choki Dhani is the latest entry to that list. It has managed to capture the attention of tourists in its own way though it’s nothing more than kind of picnic spot which could have been located anywhere in the world, except it is themed on Rajasthani traditions, food and everything else. You should pay a visit to this artificial village and you are quite likely to like it too.