Sherlock Holes – A Game of Shadows, read Guy Ritchie – A Game of Shadows

Guy Ritchie – A Game of Shadows or Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows, which one it is? This is a one confusion that might cloud your mind, one conundrum you might find yourself pains at trying to solve and more often than not it’s the former you might find yourself believing at.

If you saw the first Sherlock Holmes production from Guy Ritchie and if you have seen the earlier productions from his stable you’ll know what I mean when you see Sherly, beg your pardon, Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows. Let me warn you here, ‘Sherly’ was not unintentional, it was totally intentional, though I hope Sherly’s (oops again) brother Mycroft (ha ha) who roams around naked (ha ha ha ha) in the house doesn’t mind me using the name.

Guy Ritchie trade mark

One of the favorite objects of Guy which he uses and presents in most elaborate manner in his movies is a Revolver or a Gun and he loves showing us even more elaborately how a shot is fired from a gun. Now imagine what will happen when he decides to give his trade mark rocknrolla twist to Sherly’s story and that too when Sherly’s villain (can’t say movie’s villain, something the villain himself tries to point out in the end) in fact ends up being the owner of biggest weapon manufacturer.

So what this means is that you’ll come to know not only how a gun works but also how a machine gun, a rocket launcher and so many other weapons actually work. You may not see Sherly’s journey of how he solves the case (which BTW he takes up suo moto, ha ha ha) but you will surely see journey of a rocket or a bullet in the most lucid manner.

Still worth a watch

Any how, the movie though definitely is Guy Ritchie – A Game of Shadows, yet you can still enjoy it a lot especially if you have not seen any of the Sherlock Holmes’ TV series or movies earlier or if you don’t mind experiments even the ones which are not very logical.