How Sony Television Fooled My Wife

Pretentious, that’s how it may sound but turns out it is plain truth. And I don’t watch TV, I mean who does nowadays. At least that’s what I thought. And then I met my wife.

Ok. Fact is also that there are as many TV channels as there are TV serials. Then there are those who actually watch these TV serials and watch them religiously. This is where my wife comes into picture.

Sony TV has been lucky in the past

Sony Television or SET or Sony Entertainment Television is just another TV channel or set of channels, rather more popular one to be honest. They have had their moments in the past, Kapil Sharma used to be with them before he made Comedy Nights with Kapil on Colors. CID is still growing strong and no one knows why. Their masterstroke is still Indian Premier League, even though that’s getting shadier and runs for a few weeks only.

Sony TV could have stayed lucky

Their bread and butter though would still be the TV serials which in spite of innumerable distractions may still end up making some good, regular and loyal viewership. My wife would be among the leaders there.  She vouches for some of the TV serials aired on Sony, well for sure vouched for till some hours ago until she was ‘fooled’, again; for the third time if I can count correctly and my memory stands by me.

Sony TV fooled my wife

It all started some time back with Love Marriage, Arranged Marriage. Amita ka Amit added fuel to the fire. And today Je Le Zara was the last nail in the coffin. Can’t make heads and tails out of it? Let me explain:

Strike 1, Love Marriage, Arranged Marriage

I don’t know how good or bad Love Marriage, Arranged Marriage TV serial was but my wife would never miss any episode. The story to me never seemed to go anywhere but she would enjoy it much. And then one day Sony TV took it off air. No questions asked. No answers given. My wife was fooled for the first time.

Strike 2, Amita ka Amit

Then came Amita ka Amit. What a serial that was! I mean did you ever see it? Anyhow, after a while no one could figure out where it was headed. From what looked like an interesting marriage of an interesting pair in the start, it wandered into a child being borne who could not be initially, to his kidnapping to.. wait, the story is besides the point. The point is, Amita ka Amit ended one day, unannounced. My wife was fooled by Sony TV for the 2nd time. Her faith though was not shaken yet. She did feel as if a hole had been created in her daily life though.

Strike 3, Je Le Zara

Good days seemed to be coming back with Je Le Zara. My wife was happy. We even stopped having dinner between 9:30pm and 10pm because she could not miss even a single episode and I could not stand watching it for even 30 seconds. Life looked good. The story never-ending (i.e. random), a rather good sign suggesting it could not end soon. And then there was today’s episode. Bam. The story ended and so did the serial. Oh no. My wife fooled again, the 3rd time, and this time it shook her faith. Fact is she lost her faith in Sony TV.

When once bitten is twice shy, what happens to thrice bitten?

Now that’s a million dollar and billion rupees question. When it’s so hard to have loyal viewers why would Sony TV take these risks? Sony TV has fooled my wife not once but thrice. She has made up her mind, next target is Colors TV. Sony TV and its serials are now her past. Colors TV and its serial are her future. What she’ll watch there is something only she knows.

Personally, as a silent viewer, quiet sufferer and prime victim of her projected anger, my message to Sony TV is “shame on you” and to Colors TV is “here she comes”.