King’s Speech will leave you speechless

I must confess at the onset, I was very skeptical about King’s Speech. I had my doubts about the movie considering the kind of plot I thought it had. My fears I thought were coming true when Colin Firth first was shoo in and then won the Oscar. The Academy has worked quite hard to earn a bad reputation (we’ll come to that too, but not now) and I was not sure they wanted to spring a surprise by acknowledging some real talent sometime soon. But…

King’s Speech is one gem of a movie. First, may be you were aware of it already I wasn’t, there was a king to grace the British throne who had speech problems- used to stammer, to be precise. But there was such a king and Colin made him come alive on the screen with perfection.

Oscars regain some lost sheen

The movie was so engrossing that the time just flew by. Colin is so convincing in the movie that in his next movie you would be surprised to see that this guy actually doesn’t stammer. A movie that I was anticipating to be more of a bore turned out to be a movie that I could enjoy sitting through (last time that happened was with Inception).

By awarding Colin Firth the Oscar for Best Actor the Academy has done itself a lot good. Interestingly, looks like good days are back again in Oscars, even Christian Bale won his first Oscar for The Fighter, only for Supporting Actor, but they had to make a start some day, somewhere. I am glad they finally did.

Long live the Colin King!