Pushkar, Brahma’s Temple and Land of Brahma

Pushkar, the Land of Brahma and the place which has the only Brahma’s Temple in the world – there are a few others, but this one is the “one,” is the king of pilgrimages, as the legend goes. We visited it a few days back after we had prayed at the Ajmer-e-Sharif Dargah – Shrine of Moinuddin Chishti and came back satisfied and elated.

11km from Ajmer

After visiting the Ajmer-e-Sharif Dargah, we moved on to our next destination, stop for the night and most sacred of religious places in India, Pushkar. Though it’s only 11km from Ajmer, we didn’t find the right directions due to lack of proper signages and ended up taking the longer 22km route. We didn’t mind it much eventually for two reasons; one- we did enjoy this route, and two- we came back by the 11km route so didn’t miss anything including enjoying the breath taking view of Ajmer city from a distance.

Pushkar – the bazaar, the foreigners, the food and the books

We went to the temple next morning, and the evening we spent in the town was amazing for many reasons. First important thing, you can walk through the entire place and have one of the most memorable evening strolls you’ll ever have in life.

You’ll find local handicrafts, endless variety of western-eastern mix colorful clothes esp for women and all kinds of food joints. You’ll find a lot of foreigners from all over the world sipping coffee, eating pan cakes and sandwiches and of course dressed in sadhu-dresses and sadhu-haircuts.

The stuff you get there is unique and reasonably priced. Even if you don’t buy anything, make sure you eat in some street restaurant, they serve delicious food that you’ll remember forever. And if you are a book lover, well then you are up for a rare treat. I found books there which I have never seen any where.

Brahma Temple

Brahma Temple, needless to say, is the reason we went there and was undoubtedly the highlight of the visit. They don’t allow you camera, bags, etc. inside and these you can deposit at one of the shops near to temple. The feeling you get in the temple is beyond words and if you are religious or spiritual person, you’ll be amazed.

The temple complex also has other smaller temples like Indra Temple, Kuber Temple, Saptrishi Temple and many others. When we went there there were not many people around and that gave us ample time to spend in the temple.

Pushkar Sarovar, the lake

The Pushkar lake has a legend attached to it and we loved this lake too. However acting on the advice of our friends we decided not to entertain the local priests there, a fact those preists didn’t like. In fact they said you can’t click pictures of the lake without paying money for it, as if we were going to listen to them and pay.

Anyhow, that was not a nice experience but still memorable.

Interesting all along

Overall, Pushkar has immense religious importance and was worth every moment we spent there. And lest I forget, among all the above while roaming around in the bazaar you’ll also be able to enjoy the art/paintings of Kikasso, the Indian Picasso.

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