Himachal Pradesh in Pictures

An uncontrollable, somewhat premature; “I-can’t-help-but-share-now” kind of an urge. Some memories, some pictures, some moments will just stay in your mind forever. Thankfully I had stolen, captured and saved some of those from Himachal Pradesh.

Not good camera work – not even decent, not worthwhile locales – just random, not a moment from the history – just pure and simple memory.

From my home town Bilaspur to Dharamshala, McLeodganj, Chamunda Devi, Manali, Palampur, Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spiti, here are some moments from my own life and time – Himachal Pradesh in pictures for you:


Me too syndrome – this time it’s photography

There are so many things we all do and do as self proclaimed experts. We do things, compare with what others do, believe we do it better and feel so happy about it. And that’s so true about photography.

Like everyone I know, I also knew I always wanted to do it. Like everyone I know, I also believe I am very good at it. Like everyone I know, I will share it with everyone. Like everyone I know, from being a cricket expert, a political commentator, a corruption crusader, a Facebook aficionado, now I am also a photographer.