Best Cholle Kulche in Gurgaon

Street food is not really a speciality of Gurgaon, in fact it seems scarce especially if you don’t consider what is offered at many places outside the multinational corporate offices that Gurgaon is more famous for. For someone who has relished the best of street food be it Chole Kulche, Golgappas (pani poories as some call them), Dahi Bhallas, Rajmah Chawal, Kadhi Chawal, Masala Dosa, Idlli, Sambhar Vada on the streets of Delhi, Gurgaon has almost nothing worthy to offer.

For me it has been a constant struggle to find good places to eat street food in Gurgaon but I don’t quit especially when it comes to my taste buds and I didn’t. It’s never those fancy and costly restaurants for me – they make me uncomfortable, usually don’t fit my pocket, and for a travel enthusiast like me – the real essence of any place lies in its monuments, people and food – not in a starred hotel, tourist guides and restaurant food.

Raju Chole Kulche wala– the best Cholle Kulche in Gurgaon and why

Anyhow, after struggling for almost 2 years, I finally found the place which serves you the best Chole Kulcha in Gurgaon and it costs you only 25 rupees. And it could very well be among the best places to eat Chole Kulche in and around Delhi too but that could remain debatable so I won’t put any stamps on that yet. But in Gurgoan, it surely is.

Raju Cholle Kulche wala, yes that’s your place to eat the best Chole Kulche in Gurgaon (click here for location). The Cholle he serves are hot, not over spicy and have the right mix of all the condiments. If you are eating there then the supply is unlimited, if you get it packed then of course you have to do with whatever has been packed for you. The Kulchas are his “special” speciality and are “exclusive” since he makes these in his very own Papu Bakery, which makes sure that you’ll never find these Kulchas anywhere else. He fries these in butter and this makes for a great combination. 2 Kulchas, that’s standard offering but if you want more like I always do, you pay extra.

My favourite is something else!

Surprising what I like the most about Raju Cholle Kulcha wala is the salad he offers, in fact the special green chilli. The onion is dipped in vinegar, which is pretty standard. But the green chilli is awesome – that taste is the icing on the cake – though the feeling is nothing like ‘ice’.

Since this place is very close to where I live, I mostly get Chole Kulcha packed and eat at home, I order 3 Kulchas, extra green chillis and that for me is a perfect street food breakfast. And since he is open from about 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening, I don’t mind paying him a visit during lunch time or for an early evening snack. After all every time is the right time for the best serving.

The secrets from the horse’s mouth – Raju the owner  

I know any chef or business man would never share his secrets and surely not the one who sells the best Cholle Kulche in Gurgaon, I wasn’t expecting Raju the owner of Raju Chole Kulche wala and Papu Bakery to share his. But he told me quite a few things like he belongs to Moradabad district of UP; he has sold Cholle Kulche all over Haryana in places like Sonepat, Panipat, Ambala and Karnal; his nephews currently own a Chole Kulche shop in Kurukshetra that he set up but since his special Kulchas from Papu Bakery can’t reach them fresh, they use Burgers so making it Cholle Burger or Burger Chole joint; and the fact that he even lost couple of lakh rupees in some of these ventures. The better part though is the best Chole Kulche he makes for food lovers like me in Gurgaon.

Find, try, enjoy Raju Cholle Kulche wala

So next time you feel like enjoying the best Chole Kulche in Gurgaon, I strongly recommend you visit Raju Chole Kulche wala(click here for location) – you will find his yellow cart  at a T-junction about 4.5 km on the right side of the road(you’ll need to take a U-turn) on your way from HUDA City Metro Station to Subash Chowk (Sohna Road) (click here for directions). This guy offers you one of the best street food options in Gurgaon for sure and arguably in Delhi and places surrounding it.

In case you know, think or feel there is some other place which offers better option in Gurgaon for Cholle Kulche or some other amazing street food, do share. Otherwise, the remains the best place for Chole Kulcha in Gurgaon.