Know Me

I am a Quintessential Learner who believes:

Ghatey agar to bus ik mushtey khaak hay insan,
Barhey to wastey kaunain mein sama na sakey.

[ If he reduces himself man is nothing but a handful of dust;
If he rises the two worlds, this and next, cannot contain him]

What I share here has majorly to do with what I

  • know mostly,
  • think usually,
  • assume rarely,
  • experience generally,
  • crib normally,
  • can’t keep in my head suddenly,
  • have the urge to bring it out impulsively, and
  • well, spread it out virtually.

What I hope all the while is, for you to give it back to me

  • openly,
  • frankly and
  • categorically.

Happy exploring,

Rohit Mishra

And what do you think?