Different Interpretations

In our Psychology class we were taught – conversation is receiver-centric. What you mean to convey becomes irrelevant, what others interpret is all that matters. And there’s whole lot of fun in this. Especially if you are someone with your own way of looking at everything, better, if you are cynical, then the fun is always around the corner for you.

I feel I am one of those kinds of “receivers” who can’t help but interpret everything their own way. Good, bad, indifferent, stupid, negative, weird, forced, and of course ‘cynical’, I have been accused of being everything when it comes to how and what I interpret. One thing I add myself is, I may be any or all of this, on top of all this, I am proud too.

Popular is what popular…

Let’s make a start. Have you seen the new Airtel commercial where wife is also the office boss, or the office boss is also the wife? Anyhow, what message did you get? I think what they are trying to say is that wives should not out rightly blame the husbands for being late in coming home from the office. They may have the worst bosses who put their foot down and say that you have to finish the work before you think of going home. This is one interpretation, for me, Airtel seems to have intended something else. Funny in a weird way.

And when little knowledge plays its part

This may be a case of little knowledge or just mere pressure or something else but interpreting an important person’s name wrongly can be career threatening too. The poor newsreader from Doordarshan learned this the hard way. Don’t know how he screwed this up but he got Chinese President Xi Jinping’s name wrong and that too at a time when the whole world had their eyes on Xi-Modi carnival. He interpreted his first name as the Roman numeral XI and made him “Eleven Jinping”. And that interpretation proved costly enough to lose the job. Not funny at all for so many.

But Politicians thrive on that

I may be cynical when it comes to “interpretations”, luckily it’s these different interpretations which come handy and have become a powerful tool for the politicians the world over. They take the liberty to say the first thing that comes to their mind and then wait for others to interpret it the way they want. This gives them the power of “plausible deniability” making it a win-win situation for your friends and foes in the political world. If you are a sucker for political debates or any debate which is coloured political on news channels every night, you would know how enjoyable it all can be. Funny if you have a sense of ‘anything’.

And horror movies and comedy shows carry a reflection

And I also think even horror movies and comedy shows use it to their advantage. You interpret a horror movie as more horrifying if it’s interspersed with some funny elements. And you interpret Kapil’s jokes and comedy as even more hilarious when you hear Sidhu’s ‘somethings’ or ‘horrors’, though in the case of Comedy Nights with Kapil, that is something we all can do without. But there would be some who would interpret comedy in horror and horror in comedy as a mistake, a lapse of judgement maybe. Could have been more Funny.

What you make out is only what you “make out”

It doesn’t end here.  It never ends ever. We all do that, sometimes leading to confusion, sometimes for our convenience, sometimes just because we didn’t know otherwise. My Psychology teacher was right after all and wise too. Everyone makes something out of every conversation their own way, independent view or an influenced one, I for one is proud. Funny, if at all.

Musings on Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings, esp. early ones; that’s the usual time to be in deep deep sleep, no concerns in the mind – just dreams, relaxing, not-to-be-disturbed with anything including time, sleep. That could be your Sunday morning, not mine.

My sleep turns into slumber, late morning wake up into early morning, and a sleepy mind gives way to musings. And at the centre of this all is my urge to gather my thoughts coherently, grab the laptop and put these down lucidly and share with all unabashedly.

It’s different than others, or so I think

When I talk to my near and dear ones they all, almost, wake up late on Sunday mornings or at their usual times, definitely not before. In fact Sundays are the days when no one would want to wake up at all or get out of bed, everyone wants to just keep sleeping and relaxing, and their minds and brains agree too. Not me and mine. I could be the only one getting up 1 hour earlier than the usual wake up time and if 6am feels like early morning than I do get up quite early.

Thoughts are not just random, or are they?

And my brain is so active and mind so relaxed that my sleep goes for a toss and I am awake and eager to gather my thoughts, think with an absolutely free mind – a mind that is thinking with no given directions, no goals to accomplish, no pressure – it could be the subconscious taking control . It surely feels like that bird floating in air in a storm, not using its wings to fly but only to steady itself and letting the wind take him around. No one knows whether that bird is doing it deliberately and/or feeling happy and great but I believe my mind is just being itself, pure and perfect – if that makes any sense.

And why only Sundays, I mean Saturday is my day off too

Then there is a little more to it. If this was just because Sunday is a day off, then why not Saturday. In fact in the past I have been deliberately getting up quite early on Saturdays irrespective of the time I would go to sleep the night before and that usually used to be really late. And they say mind is a creature of habit. Ironically now on Sundays its my mind that takes control and gets me up early.

I guess Saturday becomes the day when the mind unwinds, when the tiredness of the week gone by starts to wear off. Though it’s on Saturdays when there’s a lot to do too, house chores. The day isn’t really spent in doing ‘nothing’, it’s usually the opposite of it. But its effect on Sunday mornings is different.

And I enjoy it too, weird

The best part though is, I enjoy it, I like it, yes, just love it. Sunday morning is the only morning when I don’t wake myself up, it’s my mind that takes care of that – not making sense, right. I mean how you make that differentiation. And while on rest of the mornings I turn off my alarm and then think let me sleep for 2 more minutes, on Sundays, I am awake and lively immediately and earlier than my usual time, my mind is feeling free and I am raring to go. And I wonder, why, and my mind thinks musings, why not!

Suggestions of a Car Driver: How Can Car Manufacturers Lower Car Prices in India

I never thought, leave aside thinking; not even dreamed, forget about dreaming; not once hoped, set aside hope; this should be beyond all this. While driving in the mad traffic on the roads of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad –  not saying NCR since the ‘Region’ has long extended beyond these more popular and recognizable cities, I came up with some unsolicited suggestions for the car manufacturers in India on how to save cost, hence lower car prices for the Indian buyer. In a season of new sedan models, auto transmission in hatchback, and a few newer options in lower segment – this could be a threat as well as opportunity.

First the confession

Before I run into any kind of trouble for making not just unsolicited but wacky and some highly debatable suggestions, I think I ought to start off by confessing that post what I suggest I may be construed as cynical, wrong, stupid, a few other things and all of  these and not particularly in any order. So I confess at the start, ‘guilty as charged’. Nonetheless:

Then the suggestion

Considering the car manufacturers have to keep the cost and hence the price in check through too many things like new technology, rising and varied customer needs and demands, size/dimensions and what not vis-à-vis excise duties, it is my duty neither to burden them with too many suggestions nor suggest anything exclusively to only one of them. After all everyone should gather equal wisdom and profits too.

Suggestion 1: Remove the left-right indicator

Each car has the left-right indicator functionality which means cost of lever to operate it; cost of two indicators next to headlights in front, two indicators next to back-light, two on either side fenders; cost of bulbs, casing and wiring; etc. Now when you are driving in and around Delhi you realize it soon enough that only indicator that the driver in the car next to you uses is the one in his/her head and that can be premeditated or last minute, in either case you’ll never know about it till he/she starts turning the steering wheel and the car starts to follow its master obediently. For you it’s all like ‘magic’.

So the car manufacturers should take note that the indicators they have fitted are rarely used and if at all used, most drivers use them at the last moment – couple of seconds after turning the steering wheel. The cost and hence price we have to pay for these indicators is a waste of money.

Suggestion 2: Why the low and high beam in headlights?

I read or heard (maybe both) that the Motor Vehicles Act mandates that drivers should use the low beam only at all times during the night and the high beam is only for the purposes like overtaking, and few other indications. My experience and I am sure of most in Delhi tells otherwise. Drivers strictly use the high beam at all the times during night, period. The only exception I have seen is while I am driving at low beam and get blinded by the high beam of the car coming towards me, I use my high beam and the 1 in 10 drivers – mostly of a car whose headlights lie lower than my car’s and hence gets blinded in return when I use high beam, makes an exception and turns to low beam for a while.

But good thing is – any smart car manufacturer would save money by removing this functionality and the smartest ancillary manufacturer would make the first move to make the best of ‘untapped market’ of single beam kits. The main purpose of this suggestion, like all others, is to make cars cheaper for the customers and I hope car manufacturers will pass this benefit on accordingly.

Suggestion 3: Power brake can be done away with

Power brake was supposed to be a good thing, you apply it and the car stops immediately. Well, that sounds good, after all it makes sure the driver controls the car. However, when the car ahead of you stops with no notification, indication or logic – right in the middle of the road and that too in bumper-to-bumper traffic, your car only ends up banging the said car in front. End result is a fight, a traffic jam and a trip to workshop not necessarily in this same order.

I guess the good old brakes were better perhaps and cheaper surely. The car manufacturers should do the needful.

Suggestion 4: Seat belts are a hindrance and a nuisance

I know I know. Seat belts are for safety, a must. And a fan and supporter of Formula 1 (seat belt was first used there and it’s innovations like this which presumably justify millions of dollars spent on F1 cars), I am definitely in. But to my understanding these seat belts or safety belts (a name which is more appropriate and I propose should only be used going forward) are useful only when actually used. Providing them can’t and will not serve the purpose till drivers and passengers use this.

But that’s not what you see while driving in and around Delhi. At times we can’t really blame the people also after all how can someone who is driving a car with a child in his/her lap wear the seat belt, it’s so uncomfortable. Same is true for the passenger sitting in the seat next to the driver, after all he/she also has a child in the lap and if he/she wears the seat belt, he/she’ll feel ashamed that the child being held in the hands has no seat belts. And we can surely not expect two persons sitting on the single front seat to wear the seat belt which is meant for one person only – I guess that is totally the fault of the car manufacturer. My reluctant advice to car manufacturers is to not waste money on seat belts anymore.

Suggestion 5: Driving seat and each foot paddle must be height and/or length adjustable

How are our 12 to 14 year old kids supposed to drive a car when the driver’s seat and the foot paddles have not been designed appropriately? Before giving any suggestion here I want an answer from the car manufacturers first. Don’t they know our kids have the birth right to start driving car when they feel like, age no bar? Thank God the parents, schools and now play schools (have to include them esp. when talking about Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad since the next generation is learning everything there only) still teach A for Apple, B for Ball and C for Cat and not A for Accelerator, B for Brake and C for Clutch.

My suggestion to the car manufacturers is to make the height of driving seat adjustable in all cars – I know quite a few cars offers this but that’s usually in higher and costlier models and that’s biasing. They should make lengths of the three foot paddles adjustable too in all cars. And while they are at it, the steering wheel and other related paraphernalia should also be customized keeping the needs of our 14 year old drivers in mind. This suggestion may not look like a cost saver but trust me it will be.

And Lastly the conclusion

We the Indians are not particularly very fond of following rules and regulations or abiding by the law especially when no one is watching and clearly when these don’t suit us. Driving without license, no pollution checks or better the ‘Gurgaon PUC – certificate of perfect non-polluting vehicle with no real test ’, driving in the lonely (wrong) lane – one in which no one is giving you company in fact every other vehicle seems to be against you and is coming towards you; I won’t go into offering any suggestions related to these after all there is nothing our car manufacturers can do about these issues that can help lower costs. There will have to be some other time for taking these up, today it’s only about 5 suggestions and that’s surely a start.

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Phrases from the world of holy matrimony…

There are always some phrases that people create and use when they have something really important in their minds to convey. One of the places that you will find plenty of those are the matrimonial sites, and considering the criticality of the purpose of writing anything there, well that’s one place where you must say what you mean.

But just because you have the best of intentions is no guarantee to being right, right? And what’s amusing or what I have found to be amusing is phrases people use which to me have been almost impossible to decipher.

Who I am…

I am sure people have very clear understanding of what they are writing but somehow I can never seem to get what exactly is implied by those phrases. Take for example the following phrases used by some to define themselves; “well professionally sound guy”, “sound personality”, “ fun loving yet caring”, “bold girl”, “super religious”, “bestest qualities of both worlds”, the list is endless and can only get interesting from here on with “modern girl with traditional values taking the cake.

Who I want…

And that’s not all. When it comes to defining one’s desired partner the creativity still remains intact or may be soars a little more. Try this, “sense of humor along with a serious view to life”, “decent guy”, “open to new ways”, “self sufficient”, and the most common of all “should be caring and understanding”.

Well, one really can’t blame anyone here considering you don’t want to take even a single false step when it comes to the matters of holy matrimony and my best guess is the phrases might be a little twisted but the message does get conveyed. And of course that’s what the purpose of language always is.