Before Here!


Before I took  the plunge here on 25th September 2013 – click here, I existed at On 4th July 2009, as America celebrated its Independence Day, I found a place to express my freedom and not just the freedom of speech.

It meant a lot more to me in many ways. And now I think it may make sense to take others too through a journey which I surely didn’t take alone. Not all may enjoy it now, but I had fun living it and sure having fun sharing it too.

The first step was of course taking the plunge – WordPress: Taking The Plunge

Formula 1 was my love, Michael Schumacher topped the list and my initial blogs reflected that. And as luck would have had it, he decided to return to F1 when I started to blog.

WorldSpace decided to off air and it was a setback and I had to talk about it. WorldSpace To Go Off Air In –

2010 was the first full year of blogging 

2010 Formula 1 season started and so did my back-to-back blogs –

This is what happened in F1 in May 2010

And then we talked about movies through some historical quotes

Think You Are A Movie Buff?Tell Me The Movies!

And the Movie Buffs are…

In fact I would like to talk you about this again, albeit totally afresh. Hmm, there’s an idea for my next blog.

Exactly 4 years ago I predicted Spain to be the FIFA World Cup 2010 winner –

And my understanding of Formula 1 also increased –

I did share my views on few other topics like Patriotism, funny isn’t it? –

There was nothing more in 2010, and 2011 was around the corner

F1 was there so was football, but 2011 was also the year people remember for saying “I was there when Sachin won the Cricket World Cup” and my blogs talked about it all.

Cricket didn’t start on a high – ICC Cricket World Cup 2011; who is asking who will win? –

And they said they did for him – ICC Cricket World Cup 2011: ‘We did it for Sachin’ –

Going by number of blogs, Formula 1 did rule the space. And my brother was not happy with too much F1 he was forced to read –

So I thought why not change the mood. After all, Life is not always fair, it can (or can it) be black too! –

And then F1 came to India and I watched it, on TV and that’s how I ended my year of blogging too – Formula 1 Indian GP to keep its date –

2012 was going to be crucial 

And so it did at many levels. Some different things, some innovations and some usual stuff.

My dear friend Pawan made some YouTube videos, and I talked about one of them.  A budding singer – Pawan Sharma –

I made the QR code for my blog. – QR code for my blog..

Started writing about my travels – did 15000 of road trips, all of which I migrated here already.

2013 was also interesting

I had varied experiences in 2013, quite a few were disappointing.

I talked about how some banking and phone companies get it all wrong and end up making your life miserable.

Banks and Mobile Service Providers – Please Do Not Disturb Them –

Though most of the stuff I moved here eventually. My experiences from that time you can now find here, though some of these were originally shared there.

Any how, putting it all together here is kind of a relief. It all stays where it should and could be and you can enjoy the stuff as you like it.

And what do you think?