Weird awards for weird people…

Everyone seems to get some kind of award for whatever work one does or considering that it’s practically impossible at least there is some kind of award that one can be nominated for or be eligible for.

Take for example the ‘n’ number of news channels, ‘more than n’ number of news anchors and ‘more than more than n’ number of awards that they can lay their hands on. They host I-don’t-know-who-watches-them debates during prime time on every news channel. Which is fine by me, I am sure they are doing a great job in terms of doing the general good and sharing the responsibility that our press/media takes upon so reluctantly, in true sense of the word.

Best part, they all seem to win, rather are nominated, or even better are eligible for ‘more than more than n’ number of awards, again a remarkably good thing. But a very important in fact apparently indispensable part of those debates/shows are the participants – whose opinions or lack of it – are what draw or at least seem to draw the audience (I am assuming lots of people watch these debates) to the show.

What about them? What about these innocent and deliberate participants? What about rewarding them for the effort they put in during the time they would love to have quiet dinner with their families (I am only assuming they would prefer that)? What about making sure that everyone gets their due? Why no one ever fights for their rights while they seem to be taking all the pains by participating for others rights? I think they deserve the awards too!

It is my humble opinion – no not opinion that’s what the participants in those debates only are entitled to, rather I think it would not be unjustified to have exclusive awards for the participants in those debates. It will not only recognize their efforts but also give our news channels a few more debatable issues.

To help the people who decide the award categories I think we can have some of the categories like;

  • “I-Only-Listen-To-What-I-Have-To-Say”,
  • “I-Am-The-Party-Spokesperson-Who-Expresses-Opinions-Which-Are-Entirely-My-Own”,
  • “I-Don’t-Know-Why-I-Am-Part-Of-The-Debate, I’d-Rather-Have-Dinner-With-My-Family”,
  • “I-Don’t-Care-About-The-Topic-Of-Debate, I-Have-My-Own-Agenda-To-Promote”, and the like.

I know these categories are just too few but I thought someone, someday, somewhere, somehow needs to make a start. So….


Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, one of its kind…

Martin Scorsese is a legend, a master of his art, a creator of some of the most extraordinary movies ever. He has always done extreme justice to his proclivity (I think so) to make movies with violence as the core and a few others at times. Sometimes he uses into-your-face kind of violence as in Gangs of New York and at times he focuses on the portraying the violence streak in protagonists like in Taxi Driver with only a few scenes actually showcasing violence.

This time he must have thought, ‘let me do something even more different’. His thoughts have manifested in the form of Shutter Island. A movie which again has violence in it but instead of showing it on the screen he lets his characters narrate the violence. Except for one or two scenes, there is no violence per se. There are post-violence scenes, if these can be called so; dead bodies, blood oozing out, mutilated faces, scars and bruises, and the like.

Scorsese has once again brought forth the fact that no one can match him in his kind of cinema. For a fan of Scorsese like me, it’s always a treat to watch any of his movies. And with the kind of “psychological” thriller he has made with Shutter Island, my deep interest in his movies has definitely gone up.

As for Shutter Island, it is a movie which is like as well as unlike his earlier movies in very distinct ways. His protégée Leonardo de Caprio (I am sure he won’t mind being called that) has once again done a great job.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, do watch it out. Just to disclose something about it, the way it seems to end points to one aspect but the way it actually ends takes you to exactly the opposite.

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Why does Hollywood show them speaking in Hindi?

I have watched some Hollywood movies with a kind of disturbing trend. Have you seen Iron ManSyriana and Traitor, just to name a few? Beyond they all being Hollywood movies, there is one more thing common in them. The villains in these movies have a common thread running through them, they all speak Hindi, the language spoken mostly in the northern parts of India and to some extent the whole Indian subcontinent.

Now, in case of Syriana still you can allow the use of Hindi especially with a special touch and style. But how come the villains in Traitor and Iron Man speak in Hindi?

Achcha chalo, considering one of the important characters in Traitor is played by an Indian actor let’s give this movie also some space in using Hindi.

Even then why Iron Man. Hmm…..There I can’t think of any reason for using Hindi.

Or to be honest I can’t see any logic behind using Hindi in any of these Hollywood movies and a few more too. This does defy the logic for me and I think they should do their research well before they go ahead and play the way they want to.


An IPL match and a wasted evening in 2010..

In April 2010, I had watched my first cricket match live, right in the stadium. And I could totally relate with the team that eventually lost the match. They could not survive the designated 20 overs and I could not survive the match. It could be due to the one sided and boring match or the fact that I had straightaway went to the stadium after my early morning trip to Alwar. Either way it was too much for me to bear the agony for the entire duration of the match. So without any deliberations I decided to cut the match short and returned back to my room.

11042010020Though that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a memorable match for me, for it surely was. It was realization of a long cherished dream of mine to one day watch a cricket match right in the stadium. But it came too late, so late that I had lost interest in cricket matches and almost started hating IPL. But thanks to my friends who had got the ticket for me (for free i.e.) I decided to enjoy that dream eventually.

The first thing that I realized on watching some of the very popular cricketers in person was that it all was quite close to the cricket that we used to play during school days. On a TV it did feel a little different from the usual but as it turned out, it was only a feeling and nothing more. The other thing that I liked was the fact that I could watch what I wanted to watch and not what the advertisers and IPL organizers force upon you on your TV sets. Though I can’t deny the fact they did try their hardest in the stadium itself but I did feel like a winner.

As far as happenings on the ground are considered I can’t deny that instead of the 13 players in the field the more fascinating and enjoyable performance was offered by the 18 cheerleaders with their stages very judiciously arranged around the ground. Three cheers to the organizers for following a policy of nondiscrimination. Though (since grass is always greener on the other side) I did feel that the three cheerleaders to the left of our section were better in every way than the ones for our section, but I’ll let that pass.

There were few very interesting things about the crowd behavior in the stadium as well. The loud cheers for wanting batsman to hit 4s and 6s that we hear on TV were not exactly cheers from the crowd to begin with. It was the guy on the PA system who used to force people to shout for his and perhaps advertisers’ benefit. The crowd, as far as cricket is considered, on its own shouted for two things only, ONE for any 4, 6, or wicket irrespective of the home or the visitor team (too much talk of loyalty in IPL), and TWO, when their favorite cricketer came close to boundary line or waved at them. Rest of the time everyone was busy watching and cheering the cheerleaders.

Overall I can confess that had it not been a sponsored trip and a few other things I would have really cribbed a lot more than I eventually did. My sincere thanks to the cheerleaders and lest I forget, also to the Delhi girls most of whom looked really stunning, you people really were the saving grace of the day.

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Taking the plunge, once again!

This was a romance which started in July 2009. Or should I say, became public then. Or to be precise, went virtual on the 4th. I knew it was meant to last, from the start. And I did secretly hope one day it would reach here, here i.e., my own website.

Like most of the most romantic relationships, we had our ups and downs. We went through times when we drifted apart, when we came closer-than-ever, when we just existed and when we became inseparable.

History is made as time moves on

We shared some of the most important secrets, we shared so many of our joys, so many of the memories and so many of inner feelings over the last 4 years bonded by 72 posts, poked by 229 comments and acknowledged by over 8600 views.

There were zones and there will be zones, there were moods and there will be moods, there were experiences and there will be experiences, there were memories and well, there be memories to keep this fire of romance burning bright.

Times moves on for history to be made

As we move on and take the biggest of the plunges together, I can’t hold back my enthusiasm and optimism that this romance will and can only grow on from here and who knows, this could open a few new and different avenues for some of us here.

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