Pro Kabaddi League Season 2 Starts From July 18, 2015

Pro Kabaddi League season 2 starts from July 18 and it’s going to rock again. Like countless fans I have been waiting for the PKL season 2 dates to be announced and the schedule is finally out. And what brought even bigger smile to my face is the fapkl12ct that as I was losing patience, I tweeted to Mr Anand Mahindra on when are they going to announce the season 2 and he responded to my tweet. Thanks you sir  for rejuvenating kabaddi!

Pro Kabaddi League season 2 Calendar:

Here are the important dates for Pro Kabaddi League season 2

• Saturday, July 18, Mumbai: Kick off with UMumba vs Pink Panthers – picking up from 2014 finals
• From July 22, action moves to Kolkata
• On July 26, Jaipur will start rocking
• July 30, is when Patna will see live action
• On August 04, PKL goes to Hyderabad
• And finally, on August 08, Delhi will have its date with PKL. And I will be in the Thyagaraj Indoor Stadium
• On August 12, Bengaluru will be the center of attraction
• And on August 16, Pune will become the last stop over for PKL’s league phase.
• Mumbai will have the honor of hosting the semi-finals on August 21 as well as the final on Sunday, August 23.

Find the complete schedule at

Pro Kabaddi League season 2 teams:

The teams fighting for the top honors are same as last year.


Find out more at

After somewhat surprising champion in season 1 in 2014(read more), I am not sure on whom should I put my money. The best part of the PKL was that every match was awesome and I am sure season 2 will be better and more enjoyable. And yes, this time I want to watch at least one match LIVE and become part of the madness.

Countdown has begun. All set for Thigh Fives!!!

In love with photography

And the experiment continues. Small steps but hopefully taking me forward. A few of my latest clicks.

Only for the movie buffs…

There are some dialogues from the movies which never leave your mind. They make those memorable movies even more so. There are some which always have some reminiscences attached to them, at least for me for sure.

Here are a few gems. Not sure if you can recognize the movies, but I always can. In fact why don’t you give it a try? And if you haven’t watched these movies, maybe you may.
“Hey, Dad! You wanna have a catch?
I’d like that.”
– You know this movie is totally unreal but there’s something about it and not everyone can appreciate that.

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” – A totally unexpected last line for that movie and still so profund.

“You talkin’ to me?” – Anger of so many soldiers, war veterans.

“You can’t handle the truth” – Arrogance of one man can cost him everything.

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine” – And they say this may be the most romantic movie of all and I may have to agree with them.

“Houston, we’ve had a problem” – I have read that this became the ‘official’ call as well. Well.

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.” – Only one actor could have said it so convincingly and matter of factly.

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” – One of the most apt dialogues for a/any movie.

“I hope to see my friend and shake his hand.” – All that time, for hope, for this one gesture as a free man.

“I could have gotten one more person… and I didn’t! And I… I didn’t!” – Nothing more needs said.

Now, how many have you seen and how many movies you could figure out from the dialogues??

My site in number in 2014..

Crunchy numbers

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. My site was viewed about 9,400 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

The busiest day of the year was April 13th with 82 views. The most popular post that day was How to Get High Security Registration Plate for Your Car in Gurgaon.

In 2014, there were 24 new posts, growing the total archive to 62 posts.

Longest Streak: 2 days 3 October – 4 October

Best Day: Sunday with 12 posts total

Attractions in 2014

Where did you come from?

That’s 85 countries in all!

Most visitors came from India. The United States & Brazil were not far behind.

Who were you?

Your most commented on post in 2014 was The Saas Bahu Soap Operas of America

These were your 5 most active commenters:

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Highlights of 2014: As I blogged it

2014 was different, but I think every year is different. May be that’s why we all look forward to a new year and at the end of every year enjoy pondering over the year gone by. And I love doing it by taking a look back at what all I wrote about. And 2014 was definitely a year different than my years usually have been. And like always I had a rocking time doing what I enjoy thoroughly, writing.

Travelling vicariously

The one major change for me in 2014 was no travelling but I still made sure I wrote about it. In fact I had an amazing time ‘watching’ some absolutely fantastic places in Himachal Pradesh through my parents’ adventurous travels. This was an unchartered territory for me, writing basis someone else’s experiences and writing about one tour in two parts. I may not have been at those places, but I surely loved writing every single word.

As for my personal trips, I only reached till Mughal Gardens in Delhi and a trip to Tijara Ji.

Photograhy is the next love

In addition to writing, photography is my other passion, actually, it’s still at nascent stage but I enjoy it so much. And in 2014 I combined the two.

Moving from Cricket to Kabaddi

India’s sports fans had a transformation, and so did my writing. After IPL, PKL became the 2nd most watched sports in India and what a league it was. I have never twitted about a sport, and I did. My tweets have rarely been retweeted, and many on PKL were. And my two blogs on PKL helped quite a few fans stay updated on players and matches of PKL 2014 and helped them get some information on PKL 2015.

And like so many people all over the world, I did touch upon the FIFA World Cup.

Indian TV had the obvious and not so obvious shows

I had fun time writing about what goes on on the Indian television and well on the American television as well especially oh-so-similar crime dramas. And it was a great year for the Indian TV in some sense, after House MD debuted here and like a flash almost all seasons have been covered already, can you believe that?

What else was new for me?

Well, I wrote about food and I am sure I have helped many foodies looking for the best street food in Gurgaon and best south Indian food in Delhi. What many of you would have missed is my ideas for the car manufacturers in India and I am sure I can help them lower car prices with some simple tips.

Writers and their books

2014 had so much happening when it came to writers and their books. Kushwant Singh and Pran left us wanting for more and Sachin Tendulkar told us how he made sure is always ‘Played It My Way’. And I added my humble bits as well.

And the most important of them all

But for me the most important write up was the one on Stem Cell Banking. There are countless people in India who struggle to find the right information and I thought I may share what all I could gather and that what I did.


And strangely enough I wrote about my urge to write. Well, and I am not sure how that went, I mean the article, not my urge. And then some.

Playing It My Way…

After a lot of excitement, by stealing whatever little time possible and taking over a month’s time, I finally completed reading Playing It My Way – the much awaited autobiography by Sachin Tendulkar. And here’s what I feel about it.


Playing It My Way

What to expect from the book?

And I have to confess when I picked up “Playing It My Way”, I was not too sure as to what to expect out of this book. This was after all the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest cricketers of all times, one of the greatest sportspersons of his generation and a legend in every sense of the word. My expectations from this ‘autobiography’ got biased thanks to the other ‘autobiographies’ I have read. Those have been about people about whom I have learnt most of the things by reading their ‘autobiographies’ and by reading a few other sources. But ‘autobiography’ of Sachin, well, I have grown watching him play, right from his debut series against Pakistan to his last series against the West Indies.

Like countless Sachin fans I have been following his life on an almost day to day basis. And thanks to the overly crazy and weird Indian media and the world media too, each of his moves have been documented and shown as ‘breaking news’ for close to quarter of a century. Under the circumstances, what was it that I was hoping Sachin would tell us through Playing It My Way played on my mind.

There is plenty

Yes, thankfully there is plenty and Sachin has shared a lot of stories in Playing It My Way but he has refrained from sharing a few as well. He himself has mentioned that it may not be appropriate to talk about some of the stuff for some reasons. But still you will find a lot that you never knew before and I am sure like me you’ll love it too.

The beginning

Sachin Tendulkar’s early life, his growing up years as a cricketer before he made the India debut has some many interesting stories and incidents which make him so human. He has been revered as a God in India and when you read in Playing It My Way about the struggles he had to go through, you’ll be humbled. And you’ll know why he himself comes across as such a genuine person every time you see him on your TV screen or read about him in a newspaper or a magazine.

The stardom

When he talks about his playing days as a cricketer representing India, you’ll find a lot of things you may know though not entirely but to a good extent, thanks to the constant media eyes that followed him. However, reading about the pain he went through while fighting through the periods of injuries would surely be something you would have not known earlier and will make you respect him more.

Then there are many interesting incidents not related to cricket that he talks about which make Playing It My Way an interesting read. Though perhaps to keep the focus majorly on cricket, he has even included match statistics/score cards which I personally did not spend any time reading or going through. But for those who are number freaks, this will serve as a ready source of information.

The records

His first runs, his first century, his record breaking moments, his record making moments, his extraordinary performances, his triumphs, his failures (yes he did have those too, and he talks about them as well), Sachin takes the readers through his life, his journey in a smooth fashion in Playing It My Way. Sometimes it feels like a straight drive, at times a nicely timed pull, a perfect flick or a cover drive, and it always feels like magic which used to flow from his bat.

The partnerships.. The scandals.. The speculations.. The misses..

Sachin enjoyed countless successful partnerships between the 22 yards and he talks about those. But the one he undoubtedly cherishes the most is the one with Anjali, his wife. There are innumerable stories on how they met but Sachin shares the real story and it’s as remarkable as it should have been.

He also talks about a few scandals including ‘Monkeygate’ but has not talked about ‘fixing’, a scandal perhaps many were hoping to read a lot on. But this is his story and he chooses to share the way he wants.

One of the stories you will surely enjoy is his 194 not out in Pakistan. He has quite frankly talked about his displeasure and ‘leave me alone’ talk with Rahul. Inspite of this, their friendship remained strong as ever.

The farewell

The later part of Playing It My Way could be the main highlight for many. You are likely to get emotional (once again) reading his farewell speech even though you would have watched it live on TV, read it on WhatsApp (like I did) and gone through it time and again. And you won’t mind reading it time and again and then again.

Go ahead, read it

In Playing It My Way I am sure there is something new for every reader. I for one have decided to refrain from mentioning anything specific here, be it the well-known or the unknown facts. After having had the privilege of having read Sachin’s life in his own words through Playing It My Way, I can vouch that once you have read it too, your love and respect for him is going to rise more. He comes across as as ordinary or simple or common as a person could be and at the same time he becomes even more extraordinary or to put it rightly he justifies being the ‘God’ as so many of we Indians revere him as.   

My advice, go ahead and grab a copy of Playing It My Way for yourself, read it and if nothing else you’ll at least feel a strange kind of pride, a pride that comes from knowing Sachin ‘the person’ a little bit more.

Read my review on goodreads too..

Playing It My Way: My AutobiographyPlaying It My Way: My Autobiography by Sachin Tendulkar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars…

View all my reviews

Stem Cell Banking: preserving Cord Blood and Umbilical Cord Tissue of your new born baby

Though still in its nascent stage, the idea of Stem Cell Banking by preserving the Cord Blood and Umbilical Cord Tissue of your new born baby is fast entering the consciousness of Indian couples. Keeping the need and benefits of Stem Cell Banking aside for a while, the path to arrive at the right decision and then choosing the right bank is full of innumerable hurdles, uncertainties, scattered information and unavailability of true sources of knowledge.

I am no expert on Stem Cell Banking, but any experience can be worth sharing if it can provide some information, maybe slight food for thought.  But one experience must be treated as just ‘one experience’; it may not be perfect in every sense but can still turn out to be slightly useful if nothing else. And what I can definitely do is, keep the information simple, direct and put it across using words which we understand and not what ‘haematologists’ and ‘stem cell bankers’ talk about.

I won’t delve into technical mumbo-jumbo, let the experts on Stem Cell Banking in India enjoy that. For a parent, what is more important is what I wish to talk about.

What is stem cell banking?

I’ll stick to what Stem Cell Banking in India means in the context of new born babies, which is to preserve the cord blood (this is the blood left in a newborn baby’s umbilical cord and placenta, which otherwise would have gone waste) and umbilical cord tissue of your baby right at the time of his/her birth, i.e. at the time of delivery.

Why two? What is the relevance of cord blood and umbilical cord tissue?

Stem cells derived from cord blood can be used to treat diseases related to blood like blood cancer, Thalassemia, etc. Stem cells derived from umbilical cord tissue (mesenchymal) can be used to treat diseases related to tissues, muscles and organs like liver, kidney, etc. This kind of somes up Stem Cell Banking in India.

Why Stem Cell Banking?

Well, on growing up if unfortunately a child gets infected with certain diseases, Stem Cell treatment could be able to cure the same. Right now, it is claimed over 70 diseases can be cured using it including certain cancers, diabetes, etc. Since cord blood and umbilical cord tissue are the richest sources of stem cells, preserving the same sounds like a logical decision.

Stem Cell Transplant

While Stem Cell transplant takes place, there is a factor/count called HLA that is matched. A baby’s own stem cells are a perfect match, HLA 6/6. Similarly, it is a very close match for a sibling too. This implies one child’s stem cell would be a very good match for the sibling too.

You can use a donor’s stem cell only if the HLA match is sufficient, which is very difficult. To put it simply, it is like blood group matching, you can only use blood group if it matches, is same blood type.

Are there other sources of stem cells in body?

Yes, stem cells can be derived from bone marrow, and few other options are there too. But these sources are not as rich a source of stem cells as cord blood and umbilical tissue are.

Stem Cell treatment availability in India and World

In general, the stem cell treatment is an evolving method of treatment and has not yet arrived at a point where every hospital has the capability to do so. In India there are hospitals treating patients using stem cells and I have personally met a family who have a child treated and cured of Thalassemia by a hospital in Delhi.

The future looks promising and more diseases will hopefully be cured through stem cells by more and more hospitals.

Stem cell banks in India and what they offer

A quick Google search will show that there are many stem cell banks offering storage facilities in India. They all have more or less similar offerings though they may be packaging it differently.

Difference in what is being offered and promised and what is being delivered

Now, to me this is the critical point. All stem cell banks in India use fancy terms, scientific nomenclature and ‘global free delivery’ services but when checked whether they have actually done so, they would have no example to quote. Can’t blame them either since the whole system in India has just started and focus so far has been more on getting the cord blood and tissue preservation then using the same for treatment.

Treatment is the Key

Stem Cell Banking sounds so good to hear, but the real thing is actual usage and treatment using the stem cells. Some of the Stem Cell Banks do mention list of hospitals and actual treatments which have happened in India and that is what could be most important factor.

Where stem cell banks will confuse you

  • Capabilities:

All stem cell banks say they are the best, which is fine since every marketer says that. But if they realize that you have some knowledge and you may be exploring other banks too, they will use everything in their might to discredit the other.

  • Global Linkage:

They all back up their claims of being good enough based on their tie-ups with some global/international player. Some of the claims stem cell banks on India make are actually about the partner, like ‘N’ number of samples that they have cryo-preserved successfully.

  • Accreditation:

They all flaunt impressive set of “accreditations” but as it stands, there is no accreditation body in India for stem cell banks and there appear to be no rules, regulations and guidelines to govern and monitor stem cell banks in India. Globally, there are some accreditation bodies.

Single and Dual Storage

This is one of biggest bones of contention and point of confusion since there is only one stem cell bank offering dual storage in India. Dual storage should mean they will have two identical samples for you, one stored in each of the two facilities. This looks like a double ‘insurance’, in case one sample is destroyed for some reason the other one is still available for you to use.

Truth behind Dual Storage

  1. If offering dual storage was such a plus point, why only a handful companies are offering it. Even at a global level, I found one such stem cell bank in Australia, one in Europe and one in US and this number didn’t impress me. Moreover, none of them categorically states on their website what exactly they mean by dual storage.
  1. Even an intensive Google search didn’t reveal any good technical papers scientific research document, etc. for someone to check, understand and learn about the exact process and guidelines on stem cell storage, single or dual.
  1. One of the stwm cell banks, which is not offering dual storage, told me that dual storage is a myth. Their sales team said that technically it’s impossible. What can be done and what the companies offering dual storage are doing is: in one facility they will keep the cord blood cell sample and in the other facility they will keep the umbilical tissue same. Since both these samples will give different sets of stem cells, practically there is no dual storage. I did some research and called them back to say that there claim/logic seems to be flawed and unsupported. Then they made me talk to their lab head, the scientist, who after 5 min discussion with me ended up agreeing that cord blood cell quantity and the science behind it is such that it can’t be stored in two samples, however, umbilical cord tissue can have two samples and hence can be stored at two places, quantity-wise and science-wise. Thus agreeing dual storage is in fact possible, albeit in a limited manner. I asked for them to email me links to research documents and scientific studies to back/support their claim, which though promised by them were never sent to me.
  1. The stem cell bank offering dual storage has staked the claim that both cord blood and umbilical tissue can be segregated into two samples and hence storage at two different places thus ensuring two samples for each of them is available. However, after 30min discussion, they also confirmed that for the cord blood, one sample would be of less quantity (5ml) and other will be bigger (20ml, I guess). So if 20ml sample gets destroyed, you still have 5ml sample. Considering 5ml appears to be very small sample and what if more blood was needed, their response was that “clinical expansion” is done at time of extraction (free of cost, by all the stem cell banks) and this will have no bearing on the final quantity of stem cells.

Whether to go for Stem Cell Banking or not?

Talk to your doctor, check with your friends, talk to all the banks, take a call and get the best offer for stem cell banking. There doesn’t seem to be just one right or wrong answer, it will boil down to your decision and just stick to that.

If Not Birds?

If not birds then what at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary? This time focus of my article is not the birds but the pictures of birds I have clicked.

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Guys, apologies for the inconvenience. I recently changed the “host” of my website and now I am struck between data transfer.

It’s absolutely frustrating for me but it’s out of my hands now. My new “host – Hostgator” is ready to extend all the help but my old “host – GoDaddy” has disowned me completely.

It is going to torture me for couple of more days. Till then, bear with me. And I’ll be back, fully “reloaded.”

Different Interpretations

In our Psychology class we were taught – conversation is receiver-centric. What you mean to convey becomes irrelevant, what others interpret is all that matters. And there’s whole lot of fun in this. Especially if you are someone with your own way of looking at everything, better, if you are cynical, then the fun is always around the corner for you.

I feel I am one of those kinds of “receivers” who can’t help but interpret everything their own way. Good, bad, indifferent, stupid, negative, weird, forced, and of course ‘cynical’, I have been accused of being everything when it comes to how and what I interpret. One thing I add myself is, I may be any or all of this, on top of all this, I am proud too.

Popular is what popular…

Let’s make a start. Have you seen the new Airtel commercial where wife is also the office boss, or the office boss is also the wife? Anyhow, what message did you get? I think what they are trying to say is that wives should not out rightly blame the husbands for being late in coming home from the office. They may have the worst bosses who put their foot down and say that you have to finish the work before you think of going home. This is one interpretation, for me, Airtel seems to have intended something else. Funny in a weird way.

And when little knowledge plays its part

This may be a case of little knowledge or just mere pressure or something else but interpreting an important person’s name wrongly can be career threatening too. The poor newsreader from Doordarshan learned this the hard way. Don’t know how he screwed this up but he got Chinese President Xi Jinping’s name wrong and that too at a time when the whole world had their eyes on Xi-Modi carnival. He interpreted his first name as the Roman numeral XI and made him “Eleven Jinping”. And that interpretation proved costly enough to lose the job. Not funny at all for so many.

But Politicians thrive on that

I may be cynical when it comes to “interpretations”, luckily it’s these different interpretations which come handy and have become a powerful tool for the politicians the world over. They take the liberty to say the first thing that comes to their mind and then wait for others to interpret it the way they want. This gives them the power of “plausible deniability” making it a win-win situation for your friends and foes in the political world. If you are a sucker for political debates or any debate which is coloured political on news channels every night, you would know how enjoyable it all can be. Funny if you have a sense of ‘anything’.

And horror movies and comedy shows carry a reflection

And I also think even horror movies and comedy shows use it to their advantage. You interpret a horror movie as more horrifying if it’s interspersed with some funny elements. And you interpret Kapil’s jokes and comedy as even more hilarious when you hear Sidhu’s ‘somethings’ or ‘horrors’, though in the case of Comedy Nights with Kapil, that is something we all can do without. But there would be some who would interpret comedy in horror and horror in comedy as a mistake, a lapse of judgement maybe. Could have been more Funny.

What you make out is only what you “make out”

It doesn’t end here.  It never ends ever. We all do that, sometimes leading to confusion, sometimes for our convenience, sometimes just because we didn’t know otherwise. My Psychology teacher was right after all and wise too. Everyone makes something out of every conversation their own way, independent view or an influenced one, I for one is proud. Funny, if at all.