Mount Abu – an awesome destination nestled in the Aravallis

Mount Abu, the place for temples, ‘points’ and well, ‘mounts’, can be a surprise for many for many reasons . If you have clubbed it with your visit to Udaipur (for places to visit in Udaipur, click here), then it’s perfect. If you are coming here as the only travel destination, you must plan for a short trip only.

A day can be sufficient to see Mount Abu
And that seems to be the popular thought and the business model too. There are a lot of places to see but it all gets planned in a way that you’ll end up seeing everything in a single day quite comfortably.

Site seeing in Mount Abu

If you have your own car, you can move around and see all the places. Else, the standard there is half day and full day trips though bus or private cab. We chose the 2nd option for the former as well as latter. The charge for full day trip is about Rs1600. We also booked the same cab to take us to Abu Road railway station in the evening for Rs600/-.

Nakki Lake is famous for boating

To find beautiful lake like the Nakki Lake on the top of a hill is always a sight to behold. It is a very famous spot and even if you don’t see rest of the placs, you are likely to come here in the evening, enjoy a boat ride maybe and have tea. There are small fountains around the lake and a boat-shaped restaurant. You can expect to spend couple of hours here.

Nothing matches the Dilwara temples

This is one place that will surprise you the most and leave you with fond memories. The very famous Jain temples form a world famous site and once you enter it, you’ll surely agree to that. There are 4 temples in the compound and you’ll be taken through a guided tour in a large group. You’ll surely like the beauty of the place and end up appreciating the marvelous temples.

Ride up the Guru Shikhar hill

You’ll enjoy the ride to the top, well almost. The famous Guru Shikhar at 1722m it’s the highest hill of the Aravallis. It has a temple on the top and for that you’ll need to walk few hundred steps. It’s not as tiring as it may sound and you’re surely going to like the view from the top.

Brahma Kumaris center and peace park

In many ways and for many people, Mount Abu is now synonymous with Brahma Kumaris and the reason being this place is considered to be their spiritual headquarter. Their Peace Hall and Peace Park are 2 most popular tourist spots in Mount Abu. They also share their philosophy with you at both the places.

Achalgarh fort is decent place

Though its famous as Achalgarh fort, when you go there, everyone goes to a temple and not the fort like structure that you see at a short distance. I enjoyed clicking pictures of that fort more than the small market and temple which is under doing renovation.

Honeymoon Point and Sunset Point are good too

Both Honeymoon Point and Sunset Point are visited by all. Honeymoon Point is just a small area frequented by all even though going by its names it should not. Sunset Point though as many designated areas which people use to stand on and watch the sun set. And obviously, it is the most crowed place considering all the tourists converge there in the evening to enjoy the moment.
To be honest, I was not too thrilled to go there initially but to watch sun set was actually a spectacular moment. And since it’s about 1km walk from the taxi stand, a lot of people ride the hand-driven carts, famous as Maruti of Mount Abu. We did the same and experience is thrilling and scary at the same. This is the 2nd place after Kolkata where I came across hand driven carts to ferry people.

Overall you can have a memorable day-long sightseeing trip of Mount Abu and also enjoy some decent food.

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