Hatu Peak

Hatu Peak, at the height of 3400m or more than 11152feet, is a beautiful hilltop to visit. And the road that takes you to the top is arguably one of the steepest and scariest roads that you’ll drive through in your lifetime. On the top, there is a wonderful temple of Hatu goddess, a Govt. rest house, few rocks where people click pictures and a spectacular view.
The road to the top of the Hatu Peak is a climb of more than 5km which you’ll have to drive at first gear of your car for 95% of the route. The road is so narrow that only one car can move and that too slowly. Then worse part is if a car comes from the other side, there are only few places that have been specifically created to be wide enough to let two cars pass each other. Which means you have to reverse your car many times, and you’ll need someone to guide you and help you with that.
A kind of relief is, at the middle of the climb to the top of the Hatu Peak, there is a point where there is open space, a small pond a shop where you can take a breath, relax and then restart the journey. And when you climb down Hatu Peak, you again have to drive at first gear else speed becomes too much and you don’t have sufficient road width to navigate the turns.
The constant honking of car horns is common and necessary on way to Hatu Peak. Everyone has to be vigilant and cooperative to wait on side of the road where you find space to let other cars pass through – that’s the only way to reach the top and then drive down too.
Thankfully the road is metalled and in good condition. I went to Hatu Peak in July and so there was no snow and no rains to on that particular day. Else in fog and in snow, the drive would be a nightmare and best avoided.
Most of the cars that go to the top are taxis with few daring to drive up themselves. You’ll need a strong heart, great driving skills and a good and powerful car to make it happen. Safe Drive!


Basai Wetland in Gurgaon

Basai Wetland is a decent place for bird watchers. Not too many birds, atleast not in November. And yes, the foul smell is a low point. But if you live in Gurugram and want to spend an hour or so, Basai Wetland is a decent place. And to reach there follow the Google Map strictly, the path goes through inner roads and you cross railway line too.