Patna Pirates Are ProKabaddi League Season 3 Champions

The final match of the ‘bestest’ of ProKabaddi League Season was as engaging and spectacular as the entire season has been. And by winning it Patna Pirates has capped it perfectly. U_Mumba by reaching its third straight final have showed that they are the team beat.

ProKabaddi League Season 3 was bound to be different one was a given when players moved across teams. Every team had different players – some not most. The way the final four were stacked is a proof and each match of season turned out to be outstanding.

With the TV commentators also giving a lot of emphasis on explaining the rules of ProKabaddi League, there was an increased understanding of the game among viewers and fans alike.

Watching the Final Live in Stadium














Personally for me the best part of ProKabaddi League season 3 was watching the final panga live in the stadium in Delhi. And same was true for thousands of fans who had a rocking time. The 3-4 position watch between Pune and Bengal was impressive but the final between Patna and Mumbai was a really high octane encounter.

U_Mumba was beaten in strategy, execution and luck. Patna Pirates get everything right from the word go and in no time raced to a lead of almost 10 points. U_Mumba made a great comeback in second half and was all seemed to be lost for them, they put everything to tie the score with just a minute and half left on the clock.

While U_Mumba had to fire all cylinders, Patna only needed to stay calm and don’t do anything stupid and they did just that. They knew the pressure was on U_Mumba and waited for them to attack, get desperate and make mistakes which they couldn’t help.

In the end, Patna Pirates had a deserving win to grab the ProKabaddi League crown with crowd on its feet for most of the second half. It was a day to remember for Patna Pirates, its fans, spectators at the stadium and every fan of kabaddi across the globe.

What Needs to be Improved Next Time

For someone who has been fan of Pro ProKabaddi League from season 1, I have seen things getting better every season. There are few things that need to be taken care of in next season from a spectator’s perspective.

  • Booking tickets at BookMyShow is easy but collecting the tickets a day in advance from stadium is practically impossible, definitely a nuisance. If this could be done away with, nothing like it.
  • If not then the ticket counters should be more and widely spread and if game is in Delhi at least one counter should be in Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad each and 4-6 counters in Delhi.
  • I was almost sure that I’ll miss the game since I had not been able to collect the tickets and roamed around Delhi to finally get the tickets in time – not something any one would have wanted to do.
  • The initial SMS mentioned to collect tickets from Stadium but when I got struck in traffic I was told that the tickets were also available at another place in Old Delhi. If that is the case, spectators must be informed

A Revolution

I know it’s a strong and rather misused word but ProKabaddi League has in many ways revolutionized kabaddi in India. During the final match they mentioned it was being telecast to 100 countries across the globe. Let’s hope ProKabaddi League gets better and stronger with each passing season.

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