How to Get Driver License in Gurgaon

After figuring out the way to get HSRP in Gurgaon or Gurugram, I decided to figure out how to get Driving License in Gurgaon or Gurugram. The process is simple, time needed is not much and yes there are few challenges you’ll face.

There are two parts to it – first you’ll have to get a Learner’s License and then you’ll get the Permanent Driving License.

Learner’s License: To get the Learner’s License in Gurugram, you’ll need to do as follows;

  1. Be prepared with the following documents
  • Two passport size photographs
  • ID proof – PAN Card is fine
  • Date of Birth proof – Matric/10th Class certificate
  • Address proof – you need minimum of 2 but my advice is carry more viz. copy of cooking gas booklet, copy of rent agreement (if living on rent), electricity bill (if own the house), copy of passbook of a PSU/nationalized bank, copy of address proof document from office (if working), copy of your company ID proof and any other valid document you have and you think can be helpful
  1. Go to Ekal Seva Kendra at the Mini Secretariat in Gurgaon. It’s on the ground floor and there is option of paid parking inside the complex
  2. Buy the Learner’s License form/file for Rs 50/-. This particular counter keeps moving so will not confuse by mentioning its exact space. When I visited last, it was the first counter on your right
  3. The file has Learner’s License application form, medical form and space to paste/staple your ID, address proof and date of birth proofs
  4. Fill all the forms and go to the medical room which is behind this room. Pay the fees there which is about 150/-. A doctor present there will sign and stamp your medical form
  5. Come back to the first room where you got the form and go to Counter No 3 – this usually has long queue but if everyone waits for his and her turn then the queue moves very fast
  6. At the Counter No 3, there is separate line for ladies and senior citizens
  7. The clerk at this counter will check your documents/proofs and if satisfied will sign it too
  8. After the clerk signs it, go back to medical room area, there would be a queue for computer based test to check your knowledge about rules related to driving
  9. This test is little tricky – you have to get 6 answers right out of a total of 10. You get 30 seconds to answer each question. Some questions are easy but some are as weird as they can get, e.g., one question I faced was about permissible speed of auto rickshaw, another on the permissible limit on protruding things/carriages from a trolley. Thankfully I got 6 right out of 9 – my score card didn’t show that I had solved 10 questions
  10. Don’t take this test lightly since a lot of people fail it and if that happens you have to get a new time to retake the test
  11. If you are smart, do Google search and you’ll get a PDF that has all the questions and correct answers too, apparently
  12. If you are successful at the test, they will click your picture there and ask you to pay the fees
  13. They’ll give you a receipt/counterfoil – this is your Learner’s License till you get your actual license delivered at your address through post. I got my Learner’s License after 6 week

Permanent Driving License: One month after the day you got your Learner’s License, you are eligible to apply for Permanent Driving License in Gurugram. You’ll need to have the original Learner’s License and counterfoil won’t do

To apply for Permanent Driving License in Gurugram, do as follows;

  • Be prepared with following documents (don’t ask me why they need these again)
  • One passport type photograph
  • ID proof – PAN Card is fine
  • Date of Birth proof – Matric/10th Class certificate
  • Address proof – you need minimum of 2 but my advice is carry more viz. copy of cooking gas booklet, copy of rent agreement (if living on rent), electricity bill (if own the house), copy of passbook of a PSU/nationalized bank, copy of address proof document from office (if working), copy of your company ID proof and any other valid document you have and you think can be helpful
  1. Go to Ekal Sewa Kendra and buy the Permanent Driving License form – it is fairly cheap and is available at the same counter from you got the Learner’s License file/form
  2. Fill the form and attach your Learner’s License in original in the file
  3. On the other side of road, right opposite the entrance to Mini Secretariat, is the Driving Test area. If you go in the morning you’ll see long queues of cars (many with L sign) parked there.
  4. The Permanent Driving License test happens only in morning, before lunch and it happens from Monday to Friday
  5. When your turn comes, your file will be checked (Form and Learner’s License only) at the gate and you’ll be allowed to enter the test area. Only drivers who have come for the test and their cars are allowed inside.
  6. Before the test starts, they will explain you the rules – listen carefully and most importantly – while driving for the test be patient, don’t hurry at all. Take your time, irrespective of how good a driver you think you are. When I took the test, out of about 20 folks almost 15 failed.
  7. In case you don’t qualify the test, you are free to come again after a week and retake the test. If you fail 2nd time too, you can come a 3rd time and so on
  8. Make sure you don’t wait till the 6th month of your Learner’s License ‘cause if you are not able to qualify and valid time period of your Learner’s License is over, you’ll have get the Learner’s License issued again – which means going through the whole grind again
  9. After you have passed the test, go to Counter Number 3. The clerk there will check all the documents and sign it
  10. After that you will go to the counter next to no 3, submit your file there and pay the fees which is about 560 – if don’t carry change don’t expect to get balance back
  11. At this counter they will also give you the counterfoil/receipt which becomes your valid ‘Permanent Driving License’ till the actual one is sent to your address by post. They say it will reach you in a week but don’t count on that.

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  1. I also applied for both LL and DL online. In both the cases full payment was made online after submitting documents.

    For DL – Once you submit documents and make payment, you can track the status of your application on real time basis. Like for me the test was completed on 20 July, status shows test cleared, etc. Till date it is showing – “Pending for approval by RTOAUTH2”. I understand once RTO approves it, I can download the license from website and wait for delivery of smart card to take place. Thanks.

  2. Going by the offline process, payment is done only after your documents are in order. Maybe even in online they’d first check docs and then indicate you to pay the fees. However, I don’t have definitive answer for you.

  3. I have done by application for LL online (form+payment). Now when i am applying for DL online, i am unable to pay online. Do you why?

    Payment for DL is done beforehand or not?

  4. It is too high. Its usually 6-700

  5. Thanks Manprit. The usual time is 3-4weeks. I had collected mine from their counter after 2weeks wait.

  6. Hi Rohit! Thanks for the article. A quick question – What is the average time it takes to get the permanent license delivered at home? They told me it will take max 10 days. Thanks.


  8. I am going to apply LL on 17th July.

  9. Hope you cleared the test today

  10. Thank you so much! This was much needed information! Going for my driving test today! 🙂

  11. Thank you sir..

  12. Excellent post. Really helpful , it helps in building confidence to do it on our own rather then paying good amount to these agents for doing nothing.

    Cheers buddy. Keep it up!

  13. I am humbled by your suggestion. Just wanted to share my experience and help people have it easier figuring out how to go about it.

  14. Thanks a lot for these.

  15. Thanks Rajat. I think they need Gurgaon address proof and HDFC alone may not be sufficient. I took office letterhead, gas booklet, bank statement, every possible proofs I had with me. I found that they usually agree or disagree basis their own whims and fancies so I took them all.

  16. Superb! More helpful tahn any instructor or official website…I think the Government should give him an honorary appointment.

  17. The following two videos are extremely useful for people getting Driving License made in Gurgaon:

    1. For Learners License:

    2. For Permanent Driving Test:

    Hope it helps. Share and spread awareness. Happy driving 🙂

  18. Hey Hi!

    Excellent post, thanks for the help.

    I had a doubt though, if my address proof says Delhi, can I still get the DL made in Gurgaon?

    Also, is a bank statement from a private bank (eg HDFC) counted as valid address proof?

  19. Amit, it should work. When i got my license the option to download as perhaps not there.

  20. Haven’t received the original learner license yet … i have it downloaded it from the webpage. Will that work while going for driving test??

  21. Shavet, they send a proper learners licence with your name, pic, etc and that says the time period for pr which you licence is valid.

  22. Hi, I’ve received a letter stating that it is Form3 with appl no. And all of my information. Is this what we can carry to apply for permanent DL?
    Haven’t received any other license

  23. They will give both tests and u have to bring Ur own car.

  24. Congrats. For driving test, take a small car like Nano, listen to instructions they will give. Even if u think u r the best driver, pls pls make sure u drive slow. Even if the car engine stops 10 times and u have to restart, that’s ok. But once u r in forward gear, u can’t put car in reverse to navigate a curve. If you do that, u fail the test. They will give these instructions there. So be patient, be slow n that’s it. All the best.

  25. If i have bike with me and i apply for car and bike both then will they take test of car as well or bike is fine?

  26. Good information … just got the learner … help me with more tips on driving test … how should i get ready.

  27. Should work

  28. You have to take your own car for these test, you take the one you drive. And the test is primarily about driving forward and backwards within boundaries and the catch is, once u move forward, u can’t reverse if u can’t navigate the turn. Similarly, when u move backward, u can’t move forward to navigate a turn. And you have to make an H.

  29. pema tshering lepcha

    Sir mujhe DL bandana hai lekin I’d me adhar or pancard hai

  30. What if i have learnt to drive only an automatic car?

    I dont intend to drive or own a manual transmission Car

  31. Bittu, follow the instructions and go to the ekal sewa Kendra. All the best!

  32. hello rohit sir i need drivig lincese

  33. They don’t think like the applicant 😀 We know what ails and pains when we go there and what is it we want to know. I had hard time running around and getting necessary information from others. Coapplicants you meet there are helpful.

  34. Very Helpful. Thanks for taking the initiative. Wonder why the official sites cannot be this helpful ?

  35. Rajesh, search in Google and you will find a PDF with all the questions and correct answers. This is a computer based test.

  36. please tell me what type of question they ask if you do remember.

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