Watching Pro Kabaddi League Live

This was the day I have waited for long, getting to see live action of a high energy Pro Kabaddi League match. And we had Delhi CM, Deputy CM, Daler Mehandi and the biggest star of them all Sushil Kumar for company.

The evening started with Daler Mehandi singing the National Anthem in the company of Mr Kejriwal and the rest.

The first match was an OK encounter, it was the 2nd one that stole the thunder. I do have to confess though that I was tad disappointed that Ajay Thakur, the player who has learnt and honed hi skills at the SAI Hostel in Bilaspur (HP) – my home town, didn’t play to his potential.

Overall, it was a great evening. And yes, next year I am taking my DSLR with me.

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Trip to Kausani and Nainital with Almora on the way

Not your typical crowded hill station, Kausani in Uttrakhand is a fairly enjoyable place but only if looking at Nanda Devi, the 2nd highest peak in India, can give you the high. And if you have even slightest interest in photography, then waking up at 5 in the morning to watch and capture the Sun rising from the Himalayas is as breathtaking as anything can be.

And these two things made sure that my one night stay at Kausani was unforgettable. To this you add the drive from Gurgaon with stopover at Haldwani, Nainital and Almora and I had a blast for four days. It’s a different matter that 6-8 hours of driving with getting up early every day did take its toll. But after looking at the pictures I got to click, who is complaining.

How to reach Kausani?

In case you are planning a trip to Kausani from Delhi/Gurgaon, start early in the day and make Nainital your halt for the first night. Nainital in itself is a hugely popular tourist destination and perhaps the best and closest hill station from Delhi. So, be ready for traffic jams, parking woes, crowded places and yes, corrupt police too.

In Nainital, you can enjoy the boat ride in the lake, for the religious kind there is temple, a gurudwara and a mosque too. Do try the food at the market, there are some shops which serve really sumptuous food. And for the ones who like shopping, there are shops selling amazing and ahead of fashion clothes.

The next day, start at your comfort and drive down to Bhawali, from there take the route to Almora, then Kosi and you’ll be in Kausani, 6 hours tops. The road condition is more or less ok with the spectacular valley just before Kausani taking the cake.

We didn’t go into the Almora town and were happy to click some pictures only. You make take a call and spend some time there as well. I did hope that maybe my experience of last time would get repeated but there were no leopards on the road this time. There were some wild birds though and I did get to click their pictures.

Places to visit in Kausani

Nanda Devi is the star attraction

Like I said earlier, the key attraction in Kausani is the view of Nanda Devi. And don’t be surprised that every hotel (about 35) there offer a view of the peak and that’s their biggest and only selling point. Also, not all hotels are up to the mark, they are still making profit though.

In addition to Nanda Devi, there are so many peaks around it that you’ll be amazed. And surprisingly, to the naked eye, Nanda Devi doesn’t strike as the tallest of them all. But it surely is. Once you are there, take out your camera and start clicking. In case you are wondering what if you miss the sun rise, I think that should be least of your worries. The hotel staff will be banging on your doors at 5 in the morning.

Shiva temple in Baijnath is quite good

On your 2nd day of stay at Kausani, you can visit Shiva temple at Baijnath, about 17-18 km away. The 9-10th century temple is on a river bed and is a cool place to visit especially for the ones who love history and historical places.

While on your way to or way back from the temple, you may visit the Shawl making factory. The place is fairly interesting and you can see how shawls are made, you can buy some for you too. But one drawback is the price of the goods, that’s a little too much. But the entire system there points to the fact that it’s been tailor made to make more money out of tourists. But I guess that’s true of all tourist places.

And yes, there are some tea gardens that they say are good. But when I was there in end of June, I could see no such thing. But it could just be a case of bad timing.

Places to stay in Kausani

Like I was saying earlier, there are plenty of hotels though not all are of good standard. Ours was just OK types. The worse thing was, we booked the hotel using and they claimed we got a discount. But when I checked at the hotel, the ‘discounted price’ we paid was actually the actual price as well.

I guess in the entire journey from Gurgaon to Nainital to Kausani, the corrupt cop and the cheater were the only two low points. Otherwise, Kausani and of course Nainital are really good places for spending couple of days away from the heat of Delhi.

Pro Kabaddi League Season 2 Starts From July 18, 2015

Pro Kabaddi League season 2 starts from July 18 and it’s going to rock again. Like countless fans I have been waiting for the PKL season 2 dates to be announced and the schedule is finally out. And what brought even bigger smile to my face is the fapkl12ct that as I was losing patience, I tweeted to Mr Anand Mahindra on when are they going to announce the season 2 and he responded to my tweet. Thanks you sir  for rejuvenating kabaddi!

Pro Kabaddi League season 2 Calendar:

Here are the important dates for Pro Kabaddi League season 2

• Saturday, July 18, Mumbai: Kick off with UMumba vs Pink Panthers – picking up from 2014 finals
• From July 22, action moves to Kolkata
• On July 26, Jaipur will start rocking
• July 30, is when Patna will see live action
• On August 04, PKL goes to Hyderabad
• And finally, on August 08, Delhi will have its date with PKL. And I will be in the Thyagaraj Indoor Stadium
• On August 12, Bengaluru will be the center of attraction
• And on August 16, Pune will become the last stop over for PKL’s league phase.
• Mumbai will have the honor of hosting the semi-finals on August 21 as well as the final on Sunday, August 23.

Find the complete schedule at

Pro Kabaddi League season 2 teams:

The teams fighting for the top honors are same as last year.


Find out more at

After somewhat surprising champion in season 1 in 2014(read more), I am not sure on whom should I put my money. The best part of the PKL was that every match was awesome and I am sure season 2 will be better and more enjoyable. And yes, this time I want to watch at least one match LIVE and become part of the madness.

Countdown has begun. All set for Thigh Fives!!!

In love with photography

And the experiment continues. Small steps but hopefully taking me forward. A few of my latest clicks.

Only for the movie buffs…

There are some dialogues from the movies which never leave your mind. They make those memorable movies even more so. There are some which always have some reminiscences attached to them, at least for me for sure.

Here are a few gems. Not sure if you can recognize the movies, but I always can. In fact why don’t you give it a try? And if you haven’t watched these movies, maybe you may.
“Hey, Dad! You wanna have a catch?
I’d like that.”
– You know this movie is totally unreal but there’s something about it and not everyone can appreciate that.

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” – A totally unexpected last line for that movie and still so profund.

“You talkin’ to me?” – Anger of so many soldiers, war veterans.

“You can’t handle the truth” – Arrogance of one man can cost him everything.

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine” – And they say this may be the most romantic movie of all and I may have to agree with them.

“Houston, we’ve had a problem” – I have read that this became the ‘official’ call as well. Well.

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.” – Only one actor could have said it so convincingly and matter of factly.

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” – One of the most apt dialogues for a/any movie.

“I hope to see my friend and shake his hand.” – All that time, for hope, for this one gesture as a free man.

“I could have gotten one more person… and I didn’t! And I… I didn’t!” – Nothing more needs said.

Now, how many have you seen and how many movies you could figure out from the dialogues??