What shall you remember FIFA World Cup 2014 most for?

As Germany gets ready to beat Argentina tonight and in the process denies my favourite player Leo Messi the World Cup trophy, I thought this could be the apt moment to think back and ponder over what shall we remember FIFA World Cup 2014 most for? Once the final is played and World Cup champion emerges, the whole talk will be only about the winner, its players, its journey and its moments and how they got it right, so right now is perhaps the time for “what else?”

The things that pop right up in my mind are the humiliating 7-1 defeat of Brazil, Twitter-mania that followed the match and otherwise, Neymer Jr getting injured and sobbing at the press conference, Luis Suarez relishing Cellini’s flesh and a few other things.

Brazil’s Misery, Neymer’s Injury

The way Germany pumped those 7 goals past Julio Cesar would have not only crushed Julio’s spirit but the spirit of an entire nation. The hosts were left crying on and off the field. Many people just wished and hoped that what if they could turn back time, I mean Brazil had one bad day in the field but they still were the star team, till they faced the Dutch who reminded them once again that FIFA World Cup 2014 could never have been their Cup to keep at home.

Interestingly though the misery that Neymer Jr. was in due to the injury he got, well many felt he was lucky. After all history will show that he was not one of the Brazilian players who let a nation and countless fans across the world down. Though I personally felt worse when he shared the fact that had the injury been 2cm above, he would have been in the wheel chair.

Twitter Count Mounts and Luis Suarez wins Golden Teeth  

And the way Twitter’s tweet count kept mounting up during FIFA World Cup 2014, that surely broke records, even bigger than Germany’s triumph over Brazil itself. I myself tweeted, ‘RT’ed and ‘favourite’d quite a few times and made my contribution. As a matter of fact Twitter jokes were funnier when it came to the hungry Luis Suarez, though thankfully it did help him win the “Golden Teeth” trophy. And poor Suarez’s appetite was perhaps taken care of by the ban that FIFA imposed on him. It did him some good too, like giving him time to sign with Barcelona.

Like it, don’t like it; you couldn’t miss it

The other very interesting thing about FIFA World Cup though was the fact that non-stop news coverage through TV news channels, so many advertisements, Facebook updates, likes and shares, Twitter’s tweets, RTs and #tags, newspaper articles and commentaries, and something or the other in every other media made sure even if you didn’t like football, or u liked but were unable to follow the World Cup, you never missed a thing and found something of your own to remember FIFA World Cup 2014 for many years to come.

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