Andhra Bhawan Canteen – the best south Indian food in Delhi

Whether it’s what they serve or how the serve it or a combination of both, nevertheless, Andhra Bhawan canteen serves the best South Indian food in Delhi, arguably. I have been going there for as long as I have been in Delhi and that’s over 10 years now. And I have eaten South India food at quite a few places in Delhi and there are many which serve tasty food but no one can beat what they serve at the Andhra Bhawan canteen, and that’s for sure. And my recent visit on 21st June for dinner confirmed the same once again.

Served with affection and without wait – unlimited and best south Indian food in Delhi

And it’s not just the taste, when it comes to eating how you are served is also important. And that’s another great thing about the Andhra Pradesh Bhawan canteen. The moment you sit at your table, someone will right away get you your plate and papad and a few other things. And if you are eating a South India meal (thali) then soon will start the unlimited supply of south Indian delicacies; daal (pulses), sabzi (vegetables), chutni (well…), chawal (rice), poori/roti (hmm…), sambar, rasam, kheer or halwa (sweets). Ghee, aachar (pickle), and few other condiments are always there on your table. And everything that they serve is unlimited except the papad and I have always wondered why. Although when I went there tonight there was an exception to the rule – they didn’t mind serving extra papad to my friend’s 2.5 year old boy and he liked it a lot and so did we.

The options are limited, but mouth-watering

If you are going for lunch or dinner, you’ll only get one option – South Indian meals, i.e., if you are vegetarian. Non- vegetarians also have the option of biryani and chicken. The advantage of more options is something non- vegetarians have always enjoyed and Andhra Bhawan canteen is no different. For breakfast you get the usual stuff; dosas, idilis and vada. I never went to have breakfast at Andhra Pradesh Bhawan canteen, but I am sure it’s very tasty too. What will delight you further is; it’s all very reasonably priced – just Rs 110/- for the vegetarian meals. In fact, as compared to others it’s cheaper. Only road side options can beat them in prices.

Though wait for table can be frustrating – the whole world goes there

Now while I am claiming that Andhra Bhawan canteen serves the best south Indian food in Delhi, I could be wrong too. What if I told you the place is so popular that on weekends the wait for the table can be so long that out of total frustration even a fan like me would go away without eating, would you buy it? Well, that’s how long the waiting period can be and that’s what I have done once. But those who are real fans find the solution too, and so did I.

When you plan to visit Andhra Pradesh Bhawan canteen over a weekend, go there well in advance. Since this is a “canteen”, they have strict timings during which they are open – see the pic for the timings (click here). So if the lunch starts at 1pm, reach by 12:30 latest. Once the clock hits 1, its total madness outside. It’s really hard to even get inside to get the coupon. They have plenty of folks to manage the crowd, but still if you are hungry, it’s agonizing to wait for your table.

And the place is popular among people from all walks of life and all countries who wawpid-img_20140621_214753361_hdrnt to eat the best south Indian food. You can be sure to find people from all over not just India but the world enjoying the best south Indian food in Delhi at the Andhra Bhawan canteen.

How to reach Andhra Pradesh Bhawan canteen and where to park?

Another good part is, Andhra Bhawan canteen is not too difficult to locate. You can take the Metro, get down at Patel Chowk and take an auto rickshaw from there, that’s one option. If you have your car, then also it’s easy to reach. Andhra Pradesh Bhawan canteen is on the Ashoka Road and is very close to India Gate – at the first round about on the Ashoka Road. In fact, you can enjoy your evening at India Gate and then have dinner at Andhra Bhawan canteen.

To find the location of Andhra Bhawan canteen, click here.

To find the directions to reach Andhra Pradesh Bhawan canteen, click here.

Parking at Andhra Pradesh Bhawan canteen is a little tricky in a way since there is no place ear marked for it. The common practice is to park on sides of the Jaswant Singh road. Everyone does that, I have been doing it and I think you can do that too. After all you have to enjoy the best south Indian food that is available in Delhi.

PS: Change of Name?

In light of the fact that state of Andhra Pradesh has now been bifurcated into two states, not sure which state will now have Andhra Bhawan as its state house in Delhi and subsequently the name of the place/canteen may change too. Hopefully the taste will remain the same. As for my recent visit, the house is still called Andhra Pradesh Bhawan and place Andhra Bhawan canteen.



Musings on Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings, esp. early ones; that’s the usual time to be in deep deep sleep, no concerns in the mind – just dreams, relaxing, not-to-be-disturbed with anything including time, sleep. That could be your Sunday morning, not mine.

My sleep turns into slumber, late morning wake up into early morning, and a sleepy mind gives way to musings. And at the centre of this all is my urge to gather my thoughts coherently, grab the laptop and put these down lucidly and share with all unabashedly.

It’s different than others, or so I think

When I talk to my near and dear ones they all, almost, wake up late on Sunday mornings or at their usual times, definitely not before. In fact Sundays are the days when no one would want to wake up at all or get out of bed, everyone wants to just keep sleeping and relaxing, and their minds and brains agree too. Not me and mine. I could be the only one getting up 1 hour earlier than the usual wake up time and if 6am feels like early morning than I do get up quite early.

Thoughts are not just random, or are they?

And my brain is so active and mind so relaxed that my sleep goes for a toss and I am awake and eager to gather my thoughts, think with an absolutely free mind – a mind that is thinking with no given directions, no goals to accomplish, no pressure – it could be the subconscious taking control . It surely feels like that bird floating in air in a storm, not using its wings to fly but only to steady itself and letting the wind take him around. No one knows whether that bird is doing it deliberately and/or feeling happy and great but I believe my mind is just being itself, pure and perfect – if that makes any sense.

And why only Sundays, I mean Saturday is my day off too

Then there is a little more to it. If this was just because Sunday is a day off, then why not Saturday. In fact in the past I have been deliberately getting up quite early on Saturdays irrespective of the time I would go to sleep the night before and that usually used to be really late. And they say mind is a creature of habit. Ironically now on Sundays its my mind that takes control and gets me up early.

I guess Saturday becomes the day when the mind unwinds, when the tiredness of the week gone by starts to wear off. Though it’s on Saturdays when there’s a lot to do too, house chores. The day isn’t really spent in doing ‘nothing’, it’s usually the opposite of it. But its effect on Sunday mornings is different.

And I enjoy it too, weird

The best part though is, I enjoy it, I like it, yes, just love it. Sunday morning is the only morning when I don’t wake myself up, it’s my mind that takes care of that – not making sense, right. I mean how you make that differentiation. And while on rest of the mornings I turn off my alarm and then think let me sleep for 2 more minutes, on Sundays, I am awake and lively immediately and earlier than my usual time, my mind is feeling free and I am raring to go. And I wonder, why, and my mind thinks musings, why not!

FIFA Football World Cup 2014: Time Schedule that works for Indians

As if the power cuts and load shedding wasn’t making our lives (residents of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and surroundings) miserable with no AC, no fans, no cold water and no chilled beer, now the fear of no TV read no Football World Cup matches could make Delhi’s summer absolutely unbearable for many of us. Unless you have power back up that you save for the matches (if you use your own inverter) and you use DTH (cable TV might fail).

Match Schedule is complicated

And the fact that matches are going to be played in Brazil adds one more irritant – timing. Latin America is so far off from here that for us the world cup doesn’t even start on 12th practically and most of the matches are to be played at mid night (00:30am), a little later the next date (03:30am) or early morning (06:30am).  What to do, since it can’t be cured – changed, so it’ll be endured – enjoyed. However, there are a few matches that will be played at 9:30pm our time and that fits right into our most suitable time zone.

What we can still watch comfortably

For the benefit of everyone, here’s the schedule of matches which we can watch fairly comfortably.

FIFA Football World Cup 2014 Schedule

FIFA Football World Cup 2014 Schedule

In case you have decided you’ll not miss any match of the team you are supporting or any match of the Football World Cup, here’s the complete schedule for you (click for Football World Cup Schedule).

Who will win?  Whom are you supporting?

The last time, i.e., Football World Cup 2010, I had predicted that either Spain or England will take the cup home. This time, I don’t know.

My Prediction for 2010 Football World Cup

My Prediction for 2010 Football World Cup

Who do you think will win the cup this time? Spain, Germany, Brazil or some other team will surprise the world.  Which team are you supporting?

Who will win the Golden Boot? Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or here too someone will surprise the world.

In your football expert or crazy fan views the winners will be…

Himachal Pradesh in Pictures

An uncontrollable, somewhat premature; “I-can’t-help-but-share-now” kind of an urge. Some memories, some pictures, some moments will just stay in your mind forever. Thankfully I had stolen, captured and saved some of those from Himachal Pradesh.

Not good camera work – not even decent, not worthwhile locales – just random, not a moment from the history – just pure and simple memory.

From my home town Bilaspur to Dharamshala, McLeodganj, Chamunda Devi, Manali, Palampur, Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spiti, here are some moments from my own life and time – Himachal Pradesh in pictures for you: