The Saas Bahu Soap Operas of America

Ok, that sounds ridiculous at the best and incredible at the worst. It can’t be what it sounds like, I get that but it still is funny as it is. I am a diehard fan of American police dramas and so many of them unfortunately or fortunately are the Saas Bahu type soap operas. Confused? Don’t agree? Read on who, what and why of the Saas Bahu Soap Operas of America.

Different and yet not

These American police dramas are different from each other and yet not so and still they are very popular. I wonder why I still like so many of them, and I am sure I am not alone. These are like the Saas Bahu soap operas, all claim to be different but are still so alike and yet are so very popular. The audience that loves them should be maybe really stupid – I mean you may like one of them but since they are so similar, why do you like all of them. And those who think their audience is stupid should also be stupid, I mean someone else likes them, OK, so what’s your problem.

And then there are folks like me, who like these police dramas and also wonder why people like these Saas Bahu type soap operas. So we are like doubly stupid. Anyhow, you must still be thinking that’s alright but which are these American police dramas, after all I could just be plain wrong.

And the honour list includes

Castle, The Mentalist could be leading the list with The Listener, Psych, Unforgettable and to some extent White Collar also joining towards the end. And mind you, I could include and talk about only the ones that I have watched and have some idea of. The list could have been longer and stronger had I got HD TV and HD DTH but I am not part of that group yet.

Let’s start with Castle: A team of female police detective and a crime writer (consultant) solving homicide together with a duo of detectives, ME and police Captain also being there. Then there is The Mentalist: This is a team of female CBI Agent and a, well, consultant who is a psychic/has highly developed observational skills, with a team of usual people there to support them. Followed by The Listener: A female Detective and a paramedic with the ability to read minds who works with her and a support team thereby. Closing in on them is Psych: A junior detective and a consultant with psychic abilities/extraordinary observational skills and a team too.

If you watch these police dramas, you would know the similarities are hard to miss. The female detective, the male consultant, the comedy, the romantic angles, and they all look similar, except they all are still very enjoyable. But this does smell like the “Saas Bahu Soap Operas of America” if you get what I mean.

And you also have Unforgettable and White Collar. Unforgettable: both leads are detectives, one male one female with the latter being the one blessed with the some extraordinarily detailed memory. White Collar: An ex con-man with more than ordinary skills as a forger and a thief and an agent, though both are male here. But the similarities that help them join others in the list of Saas Bahu Soap Operas of America are there and very strong too.

Getting listed doesn’t take the fun away

Now just because these are too similar and are part of the list of Saas Bahu Soap Operas of America, doesn’t take away from them the fun that these are to watch. I mean I am huge fan of most of these and never miss a chance to watch their episodes, even re-runs at times. In fact it’s quite amazing that in spite of these being not-too-different from one another they all are very popular, very successful and very enjoyable too. In fact I keep looking for more and more police dramas to watch and don’t mind the similarities as long as their scripts are awesome and they solve their cases with logic and in single episode.