How to Get High Security Registration Plate for Your Car in Gurgaon

How to get High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) for your car (especially if you didn’t buy it recently) in Gurgaon? (How to get Driving License in Gurgaon, click here)It can be a pain – a pain I had been suffering for a long time now. But after doing a lot of research, bashing my head everywhere, trying all modes – surfing internet (forums, websites, etc.), making phone calls (RTA and SDM office – hats off to the gentlemen and lady who picked 3 calls I made to them and gave me all the information I desired and didn’t mind repeating one thing even thrice, and that too with complete politeness), trying car dealers (from whom I bought), probing friends and foes alike (can’t name them here), visiting all possible places (Mini Secretariat, areas around it), I finally figured out how one can get High Security Registration Plate for his/her car in Gurgaon. And I thought I should share it with everyone.

  • If you are not a new car owner (if you bought it last year or earlier)… Click here
  • If you are a new car owner… Click here
  • If you own a bike… Click here
  • If you own a truck, heavy vehicle, etc… Click here
  • To apply online (shared by Arihant in the comments below)

If you are not a new car owner (if you bought it last year or earlier)… 

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I had bought my car last year and been trying to get the High Security Registration Plate for it for couple of months now. Sometime back I found out where exactly they install it and the process around it (found it to be useful for new cars only) but biggest of the issues was figuring out the very first step for a car which was bought in the past. Thankfully, I managed to crack the code and here’s the step-by-step process that you need to follow;

Step 1: You need to get the authorization letter for High Security Registration Plate for your car. For this, you need to visit the Ekal Seva Kendra which is located at the Ground Floor, Mini Secretariat, Gurgaon. (Click here to Get Directions to reach Mini Secretariat).  The Ekal Seva Kendra is open only from Monday to Friday and from 9am to 1pm. And there are no charges for the authorization letter.

If you are going in your car, don’t park outside, there’s plenty of space within the Mini Secretariat complex and you should explore that first.

PS: Please see the comment by Tej below (click here), he mentions that the authorization letter is now available at the HSRP counter itself. This will save you a lot of time and running to the Mini Secretariat.

Step 2: The documents you should keep handy when you visit the Ekal Seva Kendra are;

  • RC of your car (keep the original and a photocopy)
  • ID proof (keep the original and a photocopy)

Step 3: Once you enter the Ground Floor building gate, the Ekal Seva Kendra is to your left. Inside the hall, go straight to the left hand extreme corner at the far end. The person sitting on the left hand corner (he will be the 3rd or 4th person if you start counting from the right) is the person you are looking for. You hand over your RC to him and in no time he’ll give you the authorization letter for your car’s High Security Registration Plate.

Step 4: Now next step involves visiting the place where the High Security Registration Plate fees is paid and the plate is installed. The things you should keep handy here are;

  • Authorization letter you got at the Ekal Seva Kendra
  • RC of your car (keep the original and a photocopy, the guy at HSRP counter charges INR 5 per/photocopy )
  • ID proof (keep the original and a photocopy)
  • Cash (INR 365 for car; keep the exact change, it helps save money)

Reaching this place is a little tricky, however, I would suggest you check with traffic police man on duty in the Mini Secretariat or the parking attendant outside. This place is not too far off from Mini Secretariat (around 1km) but involves driving on the wrong side of the road, and it’s alright too.

To find the location on Google, click here. Once you are near this place, you’ll see long queues outside a building with Apollo red color board – this is the exact place you are looking for.

Step 5: Once you reach here, you’ll need to pay the fees (INR 365 for car) for which you need to stand in the queue (HSRP fees counter) to your right (when you face this building). You’ll need to produce the authorization letter here and a valid ID card. The important point here is, they accept fees only from the person who owns the vehicle (you need to be present there) or maximum from family member (at their own discretion and they will ask for this person’s ID card). Given the amount of rush there, if you are not the owner, they may not accept the fees, so calculate your risks here.

The HSRP fees counter is open only from Monday to Friday and from 9:30am to 1pm.

Once you have paid the fees, they give you a receipt and your day’s job is done. Make sure you keep this receipt safe and sound with you as you’ll need to come back with this receipt after a minimum of four days and produce it at the 2nd counter (to your left when you face this building) and that’s when they’ll give you your car’s High Security Registration Plate and install it too.

Step 6: After a gap of minimum four days (from day of step 5), you’ll have to come back to this same place again (Click here to find location). Here you go to the 2nd counter (HSRP installation counter – to your left when you face this building), show your receipt and then wait till they call out your car’s number or flash your HSRP. The minimum time you can expect is somewhere around 1 hour, rest is your luck.

Needless to mention you’ll also need to keep the RC with you and the most important thing, you’ll need to bring your car with you for sure. About parking the car, there is not much but ample space on the other side of the road and you can park your car there for free.

A person will come carrying your HSRP (both front and back) and will install/fix it on to your car. He’ll not take much time in installing the plates however he’ll ask for some tip for sure. Once you get the new HSRP installed, you’ll be a pretty relieved self.

The HSRP installation counter is open only from Monday to Saturday and from 9:30am to 1pm.

The whole process will take a minimum of 4-5 days (Steps 1 to 5 on day 1 and Step 6 on day 4/5)

If you are a new car owner… 

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If you are a new car owner, then there are two scenarios:

One: You would have crossed the first hurdle automatically, though rest of the journey is equally stressful for all owners. Your car dealer will give you the authorization letter for High Security Registration Plate, this is something as the owner of a car that I had bought last year I suffered the most in figuring out how to get my hands on.

The step-by-step process that you need to follow is mentioned above and best part is you skip the first 3 steps and start off from the Step 4 right away.

Two: Many new buyers are now able to get HSRP installed at the showroom itself. One of my friends bought Hyundai Verna and the dealer installed it at the showroom itself.  Also, Gaurav has posted a comment below about similar experience with his scooter. So this in fact is a really a good news and relief for the new buyer.

There is one more thing that will matter to you here and that’s the road you’ll take to reach HSRP fees and installation counter if you are coming from the Rajiv Chowk (you can go to the Mini Secretariat and follow the path mentioned above in Step 4). For that you can follow the following map, it again looks like going in the wrong way, and that’s right also, the only thing is that everyone uses it. The moment you take a turn from Rajiv Chowk towards the Mini Secretariat/Old Gurgaon side, immediately take a left turn. You’ll see lots of cars using this route, and there’s a proper barrier there to keep the traffic segregated and in line. Just follow the black line shown in picture below, or the car in front of you till you hit the first T-point (there’s a Wine Shop there) and take a right turn and the place you are looking for is right there.


And yes, for you too the whole process will take a minimum of 4/5 days (Steps 5 on day 1 and Step 6 on day 4/5).


If you own a bike… 

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If you own a bike, then the procedure and process is the same as for the car. The only difference is that you pay less than INR 150 for HSRP and the amount is different for a bike and different for a scooter.

If you own a truck, heavy vehicle, etc… 

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I am not sure of the entire process that you’ll need to follow, but what I found out was that for an old truck/heavy commercial vehicle, instead of Ekal Seva Kendra you will need to visit the RTO office. I don’t have any more information for you and I don’t want to misguide you here.

Spread the word…

I hope the above information is useful to you. I had a tough time getting this all together, getting the right procedure and process, finding the places and ways to reach them. I hope sharing it will make someone’s life easy.

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  1. Thanks a lot. Your information is so valuable, I’ll update this article to reflect the latest experiences. Much much appreciated.

  2. Thank you Rohit for the information. It was really helpful!! Really appreciate for sharing it!!
    I would like to give an update on the current process. I have two cars, 2010 and 2013 model. We never got the HS no plate done thinking it is going to be a tiresome process. However, we decided to get it done and I came across your post while searching through the net to know the process.
    I just followed your steps. Though, now it is more easy to get it done.
    I visited Mini secretariat on Friday, 5th May 2017 with the documents you had mentioned (RC and ID proof). The gentleman at the counter was really helpful. Though one of the cars is registered in my husband’s name, he was kind enough to generate receipt though my husband was not present. Now, as per the new process, there is no authorisation letter required. I went to the counter, he asked for the photocopy of the RC. Paid fee for both the cars and gave me the receipt. He asked me to go to the No. plate guy (the same place you have mentioned – Apollo Tyres near Apex Hospital) the next day with the receipt. He was also kind enough to draw and give me the exact route to the Apollo guy for getting the no plate fixed.
    We drove to the Apollo Tyres the next day, Saturday, 6th May and got the no plate fixed for both our cars. The process has become quite easy now! It just took a day for the whole thing!
    Thanks once again Rohit for your detailed info. Really appreciate it 🙂

  3. what documents required high security two wheeler for number plate. 9910746107

  4. Sir, please tell about the fee of HSRP for Honda Shine bike.

    Mange Ram

  5. Sir, Please tell me fee of High security no. Plate for Bike. Honda Shine


  6. If i am having a high security number plat having delhi number already installed, and if i change my location from Delhi to Mumbai then someone told me that you do not need to transfer the registration and as per new RTO rules if having HSNP from UT then it is applicable in PAN india adn no registration transfer is required.
    Can someone let me know if it is true.

  7. How can you get a replacement HSRP number plate for lost one?

    Nobody in the office seems to know the procedure. I have put a normal number plate and and am going around with a copy of FIR of lost number plate…Is this the correct procedure??

  8. Very informative article. I applied online for HSRP and got the appointment of plate fixation. On reaching their office, the executive told you have made online payment, so your number plate is not yet come and will might take 1 month to come and we will give a call when we receive the same. Any one experienced the same..why wrong appointment date mentioned in online receipt??

  9. This is so great… They also have a fairly straight forward method to get Driving License too… It does involve standing in few queues..

  10. Sir I use online method to get my high security no plate but I do not receive the authorization letter in the email but I got the mag in email that you can come on this date and this is your order no

  11. Thanks for details. Much appreciated.
    To cut the long story short, you can now complete till step 5 online.
    Authorisation, payment etc are now online and you just need to visit RTO once to get the plates fixed. The appointment date etc. shall be mailed across to you.

    Just did it for my car. Showroom is demanding 2000/- for what gets done in 401/-
    Feels like a magic when govt. dept. gets the stuff done online via linkutsav link


  12. Awesome.. Thanks Arihant for this useful update.

  13. Guys now you can apply online also..use below URL

  14. I lost one of hsrp.. I went to centre and they denied of reissue? What to do to re issue the hsrp for the same vehicle?

  15. Thanks a lot Rahul. Will go and try to get hsrp for my car.

  16. Pratap Singh Soam

    Very imp information for all thanks a lot …

  17. Thanx a lot, this is really imp information.. I’ll modify accordingly.. Really appreciate..

  18. Thanks for the info bro, it was really helpful. Just a small add on, now we don’t need to go to Central Secretariat office for authorization letter, we can directly go to High Security Number Plate center and pay the fees (do carry documents as mentioned above).

  19. Thanks a lot Rohit. Will check .

  20. Hi Rahul,

    This can’t be correct. One, I personally know people who bought car last year and got the HSRP in Gurgaon. Two, after couple of weeks of buying the car, the dealer who sold the car(it was a Hyundai) was able to fix it at the showroom itself. Do check with your dealer and they maybe able to save you visit to HSRP counter. The dealer didn’t charge any extra for fixing the HSRP plate.

  21. Hi Rohit,
    I recently bought a new car at MGF Toyota. I went to get my plates fixed today. The salesman tells me that high security plates are not being issued in gurgaon for over a year. He gave me normal sticker plates. Is this the case, or am I being taken for a ride?

  22. Thank you sir 🙂

  23. First of all thanks a lot for hard work !!! it is very useful for all!!!
    thanks once again!!!

  24. Gaurav, thanks for sharing this.. actually i believe system has changed for new vehicles now.. a friend of mine bought a car and he too got the HSRP fixed at the car showroom itself.. this is really a relief for the new buyers…

  25. i agree, because lets say in Delhi, the HSRP is installed before car delivery. In gurgaon, i bough a Honda activa scooter couple of months before and the no. plates were installed at the dealer place. They simply called me and installed the plates there in less then 30 minutes. If they can do so for 2 wheelers then why not 4 wheelers. Even i wasn’t charged anything for this at Yume honda. Might be they have included the cost in registration charges but i don’t mind paying 500-1000 bucks if they can do so for car as well.

  26. Sorry for delayed response. Unfortunately I am unaware of any such order and would not be of much help with this.

    Not sure if you found the answer already, in case you did, do share so that others can benefit too.

  27. Glad 🙂

  28. Thanks Shobhit.

  29. Hi,
    Thanks Rohit. It is really helpful 🙂

  30. Thank you, Rohit. I visited the mini secretariat for my two cars – HR 26 and HR 55 – both private cars. The HR 26 was easy. The HR 55 counter refused saying the scheme is not applicable for HR 55 series…wonder if there is a published order that states whats eries can get the HSRP and the one’s that are ineligible.

  31. Appreciate the Hard work mate. Cheers !!

  32. I don’t know Rajesh.. but don’t think that can be the case.. BS is a fairly new series.. and HSRP is for all cars..

  33. I think you can get HSRP only where you registered a car and it should not matter from where you bought it.. if you car is registered in Punjab, you’ll need to get there to get HSRP..

  34. i heard that authority is not issuing HSRP for the Nos olden than
    HR26 BS series….
    is it true? i could not find any notification in this regard

  35. Thanks Amit. Glad it was useful to u 🙂

  36. that’s a really valid point Ashok.. that will make it so easy for everyone and avoid unnecessary inconvenience to so many like us..

  37. great service for such lucid information. I really wonder why cannot they delegate this job to the car dealer or depute one person of the Deptt at the premises of the car dealer.

  38. thanks a lot for detailed information…

  39. we bought the car from Punjab, is it possible to get the high security plate here in gurgaon.

  40. u r most welcome Sanjay…

  41. thanx rohit ur info is really helpful for us

  42. Glad it could be useful to you 🙂

  43. Awesome information

  44. Thanks Avijit 🙂 Well maybe because the authorities themselves never have to live the nightmare..

  45. Wow very informative I wonder why authorities never post such info… Great job

  46. really helpfull…thnx

  47. Thanks Shuvendu 🙂

  48. nyc work done sir.

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