Weird awards for weird people…

Everyone seems to get some kind of award for whatever work one does or considering that it’s practically impossible at least there is some kind of award that one can be nominated for or be eligible for.

Take for example the ‘n’ number of news channels, ‘more than n’ number of news anchors and ‘more than more than n’ number of awards that they can lay their hands on. They host I-don’t-know-who-watches-them debates during prime time on every news channel. Which is fine by me, I am sure they are doing a great job in terms of doing the general good and sharing the responsibility that our press/media takes upon so reluctantly, in true sense of the word.

Best part, they all seem to win, rather are nominated, or even better are eligible for ‘more than more than n’ number of awards, again a remarkably good thing. But a very important in fact apparently indispensable part of those debates/shows are the participants – whose opinions or lack of it – are what draw or at least seem to draw the audience (I am assuming lots of people watch these debates) to the show.

What about them? What about these innocent and deliberate participants? What about rewarding them for the effort they put in during the time they would love to have quiet dinner with their families (I am only assuming they would prefer that)? What about making sure that everyone gets their due? Why no one ever fights for their rights while they seem to be taking all the pains by participating for others rights? I think they deserve the awards too!

It is my humble opinion – no not opinion that’s what the participants in those debates only are entitled to, rather I think it would not be unjustified to have exclusive awards for the participants in those debates. It will not only recognize their efforts but also give our news channels a few more debatable issues.

To help the people who decide the award categories I think we can have some of the categories like;

  • “I-Only-Listen-To-What-I-Have-To-Say”,
  • “I-Am-The-Party-Spokesperson-Who-Expresses-Opinions-Which-Are-Entirely-My-Own”,
  • “I-Don’t-Know-Why-I-Am-Part-Of-The-Debate, I’d-Rather-Have-Dinner-With-My-Family”,
  • “I-Don’t-Care-About-The-Topic-Of-Debate, I-Have-My-Own-Agenda-To-Promote”, and the like.

I know these categories are just too few but I thought someone, someday, somewhere, somehow needs to make a start. So….


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