Top ten must read books

“Books are your never failing friends” – I never knew that a small lesson my voracious reader dad taught me quite early in life would turn out to be one of the fundamental principles defining who I would be one day in my life.

Not that I don’t have friends, I have plenty; not that they have not stood by me, many have and still do; yet the friendship I have built with books, good books to be more precise, (and I feel with their authors too) has come to characterize me as to who I am, what I think, how I think. My whole cognitive faculties are now rooted in the information, knowledge and wisdom I have come to acquire out of the books I have read in my life.

From a habit to second nature

A habit which started with The City of Joy, strengthened with Freedom at Midnight, was further cultivated with To Kill a Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn, An Autobiography of a Yogi, The Last Mughal, A Tale of Two Cities, The Fountainhead, 1984, Freakonomics, World is Flat and still continues with Millennium Trilogy, Jinnah Vs Gandhi, The Sufis  and The Himalayan Blunder, and God knows what next is to come, became the second nature and has been an integral part of not only my day-to-day life but why personality, my being.

And the list of my friends and well wishers extended from the ones I knew personally to include Mark Twain, Paramahansa Yogananda, Charles Dickens, Dominique Lapierre, William Dalrymple, Ayn Rand, George Orwell, Steven Levitt, Malcolm Gladwell and many thinkers and philosophers, making me proud of having read them.

Sharing the good tidings

Mark Twain said, “The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them” and I have lived by that all my life. I also believe, when you know a good book exists, you must tell others about it. The fruits of information, knowledge and wisdom are there for everyone to taste, whether you actually make that effort to taste them is only up to you.

Before I take you through some awesome books one by one, here’s a list of what you can take a look at. I’ll share more on many in times to come.

Shelfari: Books on my rack…

Happy exploring and reading!

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