Phrases from the world of holy matrimony…

There are always some phrases that people create and use when they have something really important in their minds to convey. One of the places that you will find plenty of those are the matrimonial sites, and considering the criticality of the purpose of writing anything there, well that’s one place where you must say what you mean.

But just because you have the best of intentions is no guarantee to being right, right? And what’s amusing or what I have found to be amusing is phrases people use which to me have been almost impossible to decipher.

Who I am…

I am sure people have very clear understanding of what they are writing but somehow I can never seem to get what exactly is implied by those phrases. Take for example the following phrases used by some to define themselves; “well professionally sound guy”, “sound personality”, “ fun loving yet caring”, “bold girl”, “super religious”, “bestest qualities of both worlds”, the list is endless and can only get interesting from here on with “modern girl with traditional values taking the cake.

Who I want…

And that’s not all. When it comes to defining one’s desired partner the creativity still remains intact or may be soars a little more. Try this, “sense of humor along with a serious view to life”, “decent guy”, “open to new ways”, “self sufficient”, and the most common of all “should be caring and understanding”.

Well, one really can’t blame anyone here considering you don’t want to take even a single false step when it comes to the matters of holy matrimony and my best guess is the phrases might be a little twisted but the message does get conveyed. And of course that’s what the purpose of language always is.

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  1. Sole heir to family property, handsome, fair-skinned boy looking for a fair-skinned traditional girl with a modern outlook – this marriage is so going to end up in a courtroom drama!

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