Jodhpur – Blue City, Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada and a lot more

“A poor man earning just 100 rupees a day eats only that food which is cooked in desi ghee.” This was the response the restaurant manager gave us when we inquired after feeling that every food item (and it was very reasonably priced) that we were eating at his restaurant at the Nai Sadak Chowraha in Jodhpur tasted to have been cooked in desi ghee. And this was just one of the memorable take-aways from the last stop of our last trip of 2012.

After praying at Ajmer-e-Sharif and Pushkar and driving for close to 600 km, we finally reached Jodhpur – a historic place, a major tourist attraction, the blue city, the sun city and a lot more.

Remarkable Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort is the biggest attraction in Jodhpur and we were really excited to visit it. The fort is on the top of a rocky hill and the narrow road leading up to it goes through old habitation. The fort is really majestic and could be among the tallest especially when you look at it right after crossing the main entrance.

Inside the fort you will be mesmerized by many things which includes the area at the far end overlooking “the Blue City”. When you stand there with over dozen canons looking over the area. And when you look down and see the blue color all around, well that scene is like no other you would have seen ever in life.

The museum within the fort is the other place you’ll love. It let’s you peek into many aspects of the royal life like all kinds of palanquins, armory, swords, a few guns and many other things. You go there and you’ll find plenty of things you’ll love to watch, feel and buy too.


The interesting Jaswant Thada

On way down from the Mehrangarh Fort we made a quick stop over at the Jaswant Thada. Well this is a serene place with a nice lake and a great structure, however, beyond that it doesn’t had much to offer. You can visit this place and cover it in under one hour the most, that includes parking the car, buying the tickets, clicking lots of pictures, and moving out.

Outstanding Umaid Bhawan Palace

The next stop for us was the Umaid Bhawan Palace which is on the other side of the city. It is a heritage hotel now but you can pay a visit to the museum and if you love cars then you’ll fall in love with the vintage car collection there. It was here that I saw a Cadillac and a Rolls Royce from a foot away with only a glass separating us.

Inside the museum we saw a lot of royal heritage and loved every part of it. Since it was almost 5 pm, the closing time, we rushed through many things but still enjoyed it to the fullest.

Kaylana Lake is good too

We decided to conclude our day by spending the evening at the Kaylana Lake. We had seen on Google maps that it was a big lake but while we asked about directions from locals they were all surprised as to why we wanted to go there and we were amused by their responses. This meant that it took us a lot more time than we had anticipated and we won’t have reached there had there been no Google Maps and Navigation applications.

However, the lake was not very impressive but was not a total disappointment either. We clicked some nice pics there and came back to the Nai Sarak for some shopping and eventual dinner at the same local restaurant. This concluded a really memorable day for all of us.

575 km in under 10 hours

The next day proved to be the icing on the cake as we started off at 5.30am from the hotel and had a great drive back to Gurgaon. And in under 10 hours we reached Gurgaon, a record of sorts for all the road trips we have had in 2012. Driving through a deserted road from Jodhpur to Beawar, a spectacular 6 lane highway from Beawar to Jaipur via Ajmer and then an ever traffic ridden Jaipur to Gurgaon highway, it was as good as it gets.

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