Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary…A place that will make you fall in love with birds

I had visited some three years back and the memories are still refreshing… The best time to visit is December or January, I went in January.. If you love birds, you are up for an experience of a life time.. And if you are not too taken by the birds, wait till you have visited this place..

If you are luckier than most, well we were to some extent, you may end up with unexpected experiences… A tiger from Sariska Tiger Reserve had wandered into this area and was there (these tigers are tracked using radio transmitters) the night before.. We saw his “Pug” mark – the feeling was awesome and in fact more rewarding then our visit to Sariska two years later (in 2012), when we couldn’t even enter the reserve..

Any how, coming back to the birds of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, you can blame the fog for not-so-clear pictures…


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