Taking the plunge, once again!

This was a romance which started in July 2009. Or should I say, became public then. Or to be precise, went virtual on the 4th. I knew it was meant to last, from the start. And I did secretly hope one day it would reach here, here i.e., my own website.

Like most of the most romantic relationships, we had our ups and downs. We went through times when we drifted apart, when we came closer-than-ever, when we just existed and when we became inseparable.

History is made as time moves on

We shared some of the most important secrets, we shared so many of our joys, so many of the memories and so many of inner feelings over the last 4 years bonded by 72 posts, poked by 229 comments and acknowledged by over 8600 views.

There were zones and there will be zones, there were moods and there will be moods, there were experiences and there will be experiences, there were memories and well, there be memories to keep this fire of romance burning bright.

Times moves on for history to be made

As we move on and take the biggest of the plunges together, I can’t hold back my enthusiasm and optimism that this romance will and can only grow on from here and who knows, this could open a few new and different avenues for some of us here.

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